Turbolift Tutorial

In this tutorial I will cover three different ‘tricks’ in the Foundry to simulate the use of a turbolift. In the Star Trek Online (STO) Foundry we have no teleports so you can’t really move a player from one point of the map to another, but we can give the illusion of a player using a turbolift. For the purpose of this tutorial these methods are as follows:

  • Wall Swapping
  • Timers
  • Force Respawning

Wall Swapping


With wall swapping all you are doing is making some items invisible and others visible. You have a map laid out with two levels on the same floor, one ends where the other begins. You have a turbolift prop that acts as a trigger, so when the player approaches it they can perform the action. When the player activates the trigger it makes the turbolift in front of them disappear and maybe some walls, while at the same time it makes a turbolift appear behind them with some other walls.

The fault with this that the walls and doors that appear and disappear are visable to the player, and when you use a turbolift as a trigger the wall and door of the turbolift prop has the “trigger” glow to it, which makes it look terrible. The positive side with this trick is that the player Bridge Officers (BOFFs) are with the player the whole time, and can be made more multiplayer play more friendly when used in the correct way.



All though STO Foundry has no real timers, we can make shift our own timers with both friendly and enemy MOBs. You have the player enter the turbolift and activate a trigger, which is most often an invisible object, which makes a door that don’t open appear, other props appear and disappear, and some friendly/enemy MOBs. The door that can’t open will then disappear when the enemy mob is killed, so when the player walks out of the turbolift you can have a new scene appear.

The positive about this trick is that it’s really a multiplayer friendly, and your BOFFs will continue to follow you. The negative about this that MOBs are not real timers, it can be a real quick timer or a long time, there is no real way to control the time spent.

Force Respawn


The “Force Respawn” is basically what it sounds like; it forces a respawn of the player. The player enters the turbolift and activates a trigger which makes another turbolift appear at the exact location of the one the player is in. This forces the player to respawn, so having a respawn point inside another turbolift some distance (+21 X,Y, or Z) away will make the player at a different location of the map.

The positive of this trick is that you can move a player to a different location of the map with little “Hidden” “Visible” editing done. The negative is that it is not really a multiplayer friendly, and when you use this trick it will not move the players BOFFs with the player. If the player want their BOFFs back they have to be killed, and when they respawn at the point the players BOFFs will appear.


I hope these tricks help you in your Foundry missions, or even give you some ideas to make your own tricks to share with the community. So go out, fuel your imagination and bring life to Star Trek Online.

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