Here it is! The Epic Trailer for the Epic Mission!

Yes… That’s Right… The gloves have come off and the wizards at SBUGC have collaborated to bring you this Monumental Trailer in all it’s HD Glory! See for yourself what all the Ranting is About!

While This Trailer is Truly Great! The Mission itself is a Daunting Task that few have the stones to make it through…

BE WARNED! The length and demands of Fek’ihri Invasion will test your STO skills like never before!

See the ESD Explode under the Relentless Attack of the Dreaded Fek’ihri!

Save the Federation’s Finest from certain DOOM!

Can you find the innocent Ensign Helna before she’s Fek’ihri Stew?

Can you drive out the Invading Force and restore the Station’s Power and Defenses to stave off the relentless waves of attacks?

Will You Capture The Mighty Fek’lhr and try to solve the mystery of the Fek’ihri’s motives or Kill him? YOU DECIDE HIS FATE!

Can you find the source of the endless waves of the Fek’ihri Horde?

Only You Can Save Earth Space Dock! Do You Hav What it Takes?