Hi Guys & Gals:

I’m looking for help to do a massive 5 part Factory Mission.

Series Title: More Than Meets The Eye

Working Parts Titles Are

1. A Thief In The Night

2. Gathering Forces

3. Protecting The Secret

4. Phase One: Counter-Strike

5. Phase Two: Final Blow

Here’s  a Prologue Summary to More Than Meets The Eye

After 40 years the Alliance* gets its revenge against a rouge faction of the Terran rebellion. This rouge faction released not one but two viral viruses against the Klingons and Romulans.

Within 5 years 85% of the Klingon people are dead. Of the surviving 90% are incapable of breeding .Which makes the remaining 10% of the population very powerful and highly treasured.

The Romulans suffered 75% population loss.  80%  of its population surviving are incapable of breeding and the remaining 20% are also highly treasured and are beginning to take higher places of power.

Both races found out that their virus doesn’t have any effect on other races. Both these viruses were man made and Genotype targeted and those who survived and were able to breed. Were carriers as well.

it was a well planned One, Two Punch

 if either the Klingon’s or the Romulans hope to survive. A very drastic measure was to be put in to place and practice.

Cross Genetic Breeding or CGB for short.

The Romulan and Klingon would unite in more ways than one and with two ultimate goals

1. Survive

2. Destroy the Terrian Federation and elimate the Terrian race (aka Humans) from the universe once and for all.

After 40 years the the children of the alliance. Who call themseleves Chalchaj’qmey means child of heaven.

Only these children of heaven are going to bring hell to the terrian federation and you and your crew are right in the way. 

Some may fall for others to survive.

See memory beta for following references Teltani and chal and also see memory alpha for following references STNG episode Birthright I & II and character Ba’el