Hello all, StarbaseUGC would like to revive two things:
– The weekly post of new missions here on the StarbaseUGC blog site (posted weekly)
– The reading of new missions on the air on PrimetimeUGC podcast (~2x per month)

We want to give everyone a place to post their new missions upon their initial publishing. Either myself or someone else will be picking up the missions for posting on the site, and Capt.PFDennis will be picking them up for use in PrimetimeUGC.

Please keep in mind that this list should be of NEW missions. We want to see these continue to roll in!

Submit your missions on the official STO forums at this thread:

Please supply the following information when you submit:
– Your @handle
– Your mission title
– Your mission’s faction
– Your mission’s level requirements
– Up to 50 words of teaser text
– The URL of your mission trailer (if you have one)
– The URL of your mission banner (if you have one)

The first time we will post this will be Sunday 2/23, so if you have published your mission on or after 2/15 your mission is valid for submission.