Hi all. Well it has been along time since I did a StarbaseUGC Log and with all the material I wish to add to this article, I feel it’s only fitting. For those who are new to StarbaseUGC, I’m the lost wolf, the hard copy reporter not scared to speak his mind, however have got allot softer with wisdom towards the game and player base. My StarbaseUGC Logs can be filled with all sorts of tid bits and foundry resource material or they can just be me talking about me and my opinion towards stuff. Well I work hard for foundry authors and feel I’m aloud every now and again.

So today we take a look at “The Foundry Till Now” a nostalgic look at the Foundry back on the TTS and what missions stood out to me and changed the way we conceive UGC within STO, “How Too… FOUNDRY” which is the title of my new planed livestream series, my first tutorial which looks at Map Transitions and my collaboration with STOmedia in order to get my Cryptic/STO Ezine of the ground. Enjoy!

“The Foundry Till Now”

Article: Foundry Till Now
Summary: Delve into the greatest Foundry missions with Foundries longest running reporter Filbones. This month he looks at the early foundry missions and authors that have influenced foundry enthusiasts and continue to inspire STO UGC to this day.

I have been reviewing foundry missions since beta on the Tribble Test Server (TTS). Back then foundry was very limited and it’s through the strength of both the STO team and Foundry veterans that we have the exceptional tool you enjoy using today. I feel it is most important to tell the story of the Foundry’s development by examining exceptional User Generated Content (UGC). These missions where at the forefront of changing our perception of how the Foundry Tool can be utilised and a must play for any foundry enthusiast.

BRIEF: Back on the TTS the foundry community was very small and it became apparent very quickly that the Foundry tool would become more than just a tool to create UGC. When some authors just logged into check out it’s capability, others took it apron themselves to make Tutorials, Machinima, Posters, Banners, Teasers and Trailers not only to promote the Foundry but to get some one to play test there missions. For those that took it upon themselves to make competent missions it was very hard to get anyone to play them and as any Foundry author knows it is impossible to learn how to direct players or polish a mission without feedback. This is what brought together the most admirable, motivational, positive and encouraging STO community that exists today. Even to this day the vets of that community are still learning and it’s through collaboration that the community still thrives. These are the missions that brought life to that community in those early days of Foundry Beta…

“These missions might not of been the first to show there various techniques and styles, however they are the ones I feel stood out to the community. I also choose these authors because they are humble and did not intent there missions to become as popular as they have.”

Dead In Space” By Eurrsk – This mission was at the forefront of popularity. It was the first to reach high standings and was the first mission in which brought an audience to foundry missions on the TTS. Not only was the title a good way to explain what to expect in the mission, but played on an already popular video game “Dead Space”. The story may have been a replica of this, however the game play more resembled “Fear”. It was a catchy way to attract an audience. Not only did it immediately immerse you in the story once selected from the community tab, but the missions environmental aspects were a fresh look at how everyone was creating there own maps. Eurrsk influence didn’t stop there. After realising the potential of the mission he went on to make the most epic Trailer seen yet. Before it most were merely teasers. A couple of exerts with screen shots.

Investigate an unknown organism, search for the missing crew and protect them from any hostile lifeforms

 TITLE: -= Dead in Space =-
 AUTHOR: Eurrsk
 LOCATION: Kei System – Sirius Sector

 “The Syndicate Extraction” By GalactrixBeing one of the lucky ones to make it into Cryptic’s spotlight as well as having the privilege of it being ported to Holodeck by the Devs. This is probably one of the most exceptional missions that has stood the test of time through all of the Foundry’s evolution. The brilliance of this mission is it’s practicality and simplicity. When other authors where trying to rock the cosmos with epic extraordinary stories and experiences. Galactrix brought something unique. A simple save the princess plot line that was easy to follow and balanced with story and combat. Although it didn’t have the Trek episode aspect we were all dying for, it had something better, this was a STO mission. At the time it was nearly better than any content out by cryptic and although there wasn’t any rewards for playing it, we felt it conveyed an experience lacking in normal content. Not to mention the epic promotional material that came with it. The teasers and trailers were exceptional, however it was the banners Galactrix had created that really had the community gawking with jealousy.

Captain, Starfleet has a deep cover operative investigating the activities of the Orion Syndicate. She has requested an Extraction and we would like you and your ship to perform the task.

 TITLE: The Syndicate Extraction
 AUTHOR: Galactrix
 LOCATION: Veela System – Regulus Sector

RISE of Darkness Pt.1” By Jake81nx  – Finally a credible villain of the Trek universe. Yes this is one of those villain of ultimate power threatens the universes existence and yet over done now in the foundry, this is there grandfather. That was not the only thing that made this mission stand out. It was it’s map creation. The use of assets were extraordinarily used with lateral vision to create an experience of epic proportion.

Foundry authors started to look at assets with different consideration. A light becames a transporter pad, a chair became an art décor wall piece and NPC animation became crucial to the environment. This was also one of the first success series type missions and is a template for most prelude to a crisis missions to this day.

As you investigate the disappearance of the USS Venture and attempt to rescue her crew, a reclusive race known as the Driians tries to prevent you from uncovering a deadly secret, 85 million years in the making

 TITLE: Rise of Darkness Pt.1
 AUTHOR: Jake81nx
 LOCATION: Beytan System – Sirius Sector

Conjoined” By DenizanVI – An exploration Trek episode. When I stumped upon this one I could not believe it. Back when diplomatic missions were only a dream of STO players everywhere came this mission. Not only did it promise an exploration based plotline, but it also delivered an aspect only just starting to influence the community. Making missions that resemble Trek genre type episodes, however not just the feel, but the actions within trek. Simple objectives that brought realism and life to your avatars actions within the missions gameplay. These finally made you feel like a captain within the Trek universe. It was also one of the first missions to be praise by Stoked in-which brought yet an even widder community to TTS foundry Beta

Picture from MMO Gamer Chick http://mmogamerchick.wordpress.com/

A distant Federation world grapples with mysterious setbacks in their attempts to bridge the light-years between them and the heart of the federation. Will you be able to figure out what’s really going on out on the edge of the unknown space?

 TITLE: Conjoined
 AUTHOR: DenizanVI
 LOCATION: Vhoran System – Lota Pavonis Sector
EXCEPTION: If it wasn’t for these well received missions as well as others back on TTS, I have no idea what sort of aspect Foundry would have on STO gameplay today. We have not reached as far as we can with the Foundry and missions to this day are still having as greater impact on the community as those mentioned. Which brings me to my 5th mission high light for this blog…

Final Judgement” By Leviathan99 – Leviathon99 is one of the oldest and most influencing foundry author of the community. It is my absolute pleasure to bring you his latest addition from a chronicle of exceptional missions. Leviathon99 always pushes the boundaries of his missions. His missions are always original and intriguing as well as always have a new foundry working aspect not seen in any other mission. This mission imparticular will change the way authors create moving transition in there missions. Such as warp effects on separate instances.

When a Cardassian Starfleet officer in the Badlands finds himself on the verge of unearthing the mystery behind the recent appearances of 40 year old Jem’Hadar fighters, you must come to his aid against not only the Undine but also a Starfleet inquisition that threatens to end his research.

 TITLE: Final Judgement
 AUTHOR: Leviathan99
 LEVEL: 46+
 LOCATION: The Badlands
 LENGTH: Variable. Doable in under half an hour. Loads of optional text.  

DEBRIEF: If you’d like to be part of the foundry community head over to www.starbaseugc.com or if you’d like my opinion of your mission check out my threads on the www.startrekonline.com forum.

“How Too… FOUNDRY”

So awhile back I put an idea forward to the chat room to do a Q&A type live stream show. It has become more than that. I’m hoping to do a series of episodes combining all knowledge of the Foundry tool-set for people looking for guidance. It has taken me a while to get familiar with doing a live stream and hope to do a pilot very soon. Here is my show outline.



  1. Introductions to myself as host and my Foundry avatar.
  2. Continuation of live tutorial. (1st week will look at creating a Foundry Toon.)
  3. Pronto Tutorial. (Such as my first attempt at a tutorial found below.)
  4. Elementary Data. (Takes a look at story elements like getting a Replicator to work.)
  5. Post Production. (How to get an audience and promote your mission.)


  • Open up skype for callers.
  • Live Q&A from chatroom.
  • Stream Foundry live.
  • Record material for next week.

So I ask the UGC community what else would you like to see in the show?


A while back I had a vision of doing an online magazine for foundry. Basically because so many people tell me that they want more written material as it is hard to watch or listen to a podcast within there scheduled lives. I had posted an idea of what this would entail here.There was allot of interest back then and I hope it still exists. I am working in collaborative with STOmedia to make this become a reality and would like anyone who expressed interest to reenlist. The magazine won’t just be about Foundry it will be about every aspect of STO. From F2P gameplay to Foundry missions and authors to Podcast material and community groups and events. It will be a monthly hub in-which people can come and read what is happening and when to catch it as well as link you to the various places that support it. A bulletin type feature magazine in-which keeps the public informed rather than being forced to scour website after website or even the STO forums. So if your interested in being apart of this project, send me a pm in game or alternatively post a comment below.

DISCLAIMER: All missions and authors presented have given me direct permission to publish promotional material by posting in my reviews threads. Any material should not be reproduced for any reason without the Authors consent. If this blog does not represent your mission or title appropriately, you may request for any reference of them to be deleted.