•  Title:   Spawn of Medusa V – (Part V – Defeat the Evil)
  •  By:   Duke-of-Rock
  •  Mission ID:  ST-HLGHMMMID
  •  Allegiance:   Federation
  •  Language:   English
  •  Level:    +16
  •  Starting Location:   Console outside Main Transporter Room on Earth Space Dock

I am excited to announce that I have released the finale of my Spawn of Medusa series. This episode is part 5 of the story and follows in line directly after Part 4. Be prepared to do battle to save the Alpha and Beta Quadrants from the evil Medusa Frow and her four remaining daughters. It is definitely strong enough to stand on it’s own, but the story will make more sense if you have played the rest of the series. I hope you enjoy the conclusion.

Spawn on Medusa V – Defeat the Evil:  “After your remarkable discovery of Atlantis on Earth, you now have the allies to take the fight to the Medusas once and for all.  The Medusik have become very aggressive and Starfleet feels they may have spread themselves thin in the process, thus opening the door for you and our new allies to defeat them. The battle will not be easy, but we must prevail if the Federation is to survive.”