PrimetimeUGC, during the last show, advertised our first Foundry Challenge.

Here are the details:

Theme: We want to see a story mission with very little or no use of combat.

The idea being to draw the player in and engage him/her without all the shooting.

The entry must be 30-45 minutes in length, and be a Federation mission.

Authors have until August 16th, 2013 to publish their missions.

And, please, only one entry per author.

That’s all.

1st prize will be a Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer. That’s right. We are awarding the

author of a very peaceful mission, an advanced battleship. 2nd and 3rd prizes will

also be awarded. These will range from Mirror Ha’apax Warbirds and/or Mirror

Science or Assault Vessels. Email us your ingame handle and mission name and/or

ID to:

Also feel free to email us with any questions.


Good Luck and Have fun.