It’s finally arrived! Podcast UGC has stretched its legs into its own website, On the new site, show statistics, specific news, foundry features, and all the like will be possible. This post is an announcement to make sure all the people who are already getting the show through this RSS feed will be aware of the potential upcoming changes, whether they will occur automatically or need to be updated on the user’s own accord. Thanks for everyone’s support and may Podcast UGC, Starbase UGC,and the rest of her podcasts continue to prosper along with Star Trek Online. :)

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Podcast UGC is distributed for free in mp3 format on and iTunes. Podcast UGC is syndicated on Trek Radio and Subspace Radio. It’s aired live on Tuesday evenings at 9:00 Eastern on and Any other distribution or airings of Podcast UGC is strictly prohibited without permission. Star Trek and Star Trek Online are the rights of their respected owners.