It’s the episode after Temporal Ambassador, and all of us here are eager to share our thoughts on how it turned out! But that’s not all that’s gone on. Bob has inexplicably returned, despite my complete and utter confusion on the topic. I complain about the Foundry Spotlight (and break the show by trying to be a smart ass), and Terry and I go to war over what kind of Foundry missions should be eligible for high rewards and the wrapper. And Foundry Reviews Return! Give it a listen.

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Show Notes

A Block
-Temporal Ambassador Review
-LOC Is More Useless Than I Thought!
-Foundry Spotlight – The Real Process

B Block
-Kainy: STO on Android
-Timid is Changed in the Foundry
-Hav vs. Terry: The Foundry “Civil War” Raged

Treasure of Argelius II by Captain.Hunter
Battleship Rumble Royal

Mailbag – Email us and send us mission recommendations to !


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