The winter event is gone, and updates are coming to the Foundry! What kind of updates? Terry and Deyvid discuss it with me!

Just because the winter event is over doesn’t mean all winter events are done for. My area is getting some Thunder Snow! (mostly freezing rain but hey, Thunder Snow was also predicted and sounds cooler!) and that has caused some internet connectivity issues for me. But we work through them nonetheless.

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Show Notes
-Foundry Updates from Zero!
-Why Your Foundry Mission Doesn’t Qualify for the Wrapper as according to Zero, and why that’s just like WTF!?
-Winter Wonderland Officially Over
-The NAMES of THREE exploit Foundry missions, said live on the air! BOOYAH! How’s that for not reporting them, Cryptic!?
-Exactly how good are the recent updates to Star Trek Online? So good Terry likes them, and Hav is just confused by their goodness.
-Captain Geko’s Twit Vid with Denise Crosby – Twit Vid
-Ultimate Game Cards and what the heck are they??

Nothing this week.

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