No, you will get no explanation.

Terry is gone. Like, gone. I don’t know where but she is, and that means it’s just me and Bob. My Bob and Me. What does my Bob and me discuss? Little bit of everything.

Maybe mouthballs.

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Show Notes
A Block
-No Terry?
This Show is Dedicated to The Spun!
-Salt Vampires: What’s with this copper blood dealio?
-New Romulus: Bob and Hav Give Their Thoughts on New Romulus
-Why the Hell are the Klingons Here Again?

B Block
-Pathing Nodes Introduced into Tribble Foundry
-Is Cryptic Focusing on the Wrong Enhancements to the Foundry? Do Big New Features Mean Small New Improvements Won’t Come?
-STF Reputation System Conversion Warning

“From Both Ends of Time” by Hauriant
Hav Rages About The Importance of Implementing Voting Tech Into Popups Throughout ALL Missions, and Making STO Actually Fun to Play in a Group!
Bob Argues About Part 1 of the “Overture” Series by Kinetic Impulser

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