Well that’s an interesting title. What’s it have to do with the show? You’ll have to listen to it to find out!

Although when has the title had much of anything to do with the show?

Please excuse the clicking and popping throughout the first half of the show: I was rendering a video and apparently my hard drive is not that skilled at multitasking. It DOES clean up eventually though. What goes on this week? We’ve cut down the hosts back to 3, and spend a majority of our time dissecting some of the new missions on Tribble (Into the Hive and Mine Trap) along with exploring what we see out of the reputation system. Hav also mico-rages about the Gateway having the EXACT problem I warned about, damnit. And the embassy system is discussed.

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Show Notes
-Cats are Psychopaths
-New Tribble Content Explored: Mine Trap, and Into the Hive
-So Hav MIGHT have a crush on the Borg Queen. Soriedem definitely does. They will Kun-ut Kali-Fi for the right to have her. – Concept Art
-Reputation System Discussed
-Was Hav Right about the Gateway? I propose a more profound question: when is Hav ever wrong? Oh that’s right! Never! Grr.
-HEY GUYS It’s the Embassy Bucket! KICK IT! KICK IT!
-Furry Andorian Hybrids ftw.

“Relics” by Kirkfat

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