Two developers within three weeks! That’s just how we roll on Podcast UGC. Representin’. Werd.

This week, our guest host is Cyptic/Atari Web Developer Thomas the Cryptic Cat, who talks to us about his Cinderella story about going from Star Trek Online player, to Cryptic employee and Star Trek Online content designer! With him we discuss how he got his name into Star Trek canon, the future interaction that authors may have with fan-made timelines, and how similar the Foundry is to modding video games! On top of that, we talk about Redshirt Closing, the new PodcastChat Chat Channel made by yours truly, how Helna got her groove back (okay, so only how she’s on Twitter really), and we review three missions this week! How can you NOT listen!?

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Next week, we plan to review two missions — Project Revava by LordOfPit, and Obsession by Arnthebard.

Episode 6 Show Notes

Thomas The Cat! MEOWR!

Foundry News
Redshirt is Closed!

UGC Mission Reviews
Fed – “Can’t Keep a New Suit Clean” by Filbones
Fed – “Maquis Arisen” by SBCouto
Klink – “General Rebellion” by Capt.PFDennis

Not much going on?
Nerd Rage of the Week – Gozer won’t make any more missions?