Free to play launch day! Hello new players! I’m Hav and this is Podcast UGC, the first and best podcast devoted to the Foundry and Star Trek Online. We try to introduce ourselves and our style during this show before we jump into our interview. And no, I’m not as “mean” as Terry and I make myself out to be in the show! I was just messin’. We hope you stick around and watch the show next week!

So our Captain Geko interview was somewhat epic. With a final runtime of two and a half hours, we opted to take a break for most of the show and let you simply listen and enjoy. Al Rivera goes into extreme detail on just about every question you could possibly want to ask, making this week’s show the most dev communication we’ve had in 6 months! I literally feel bad for Star Trek Online players who don’t give the interview a full listen.

Submissions for the Jem Hadar Ship Contest are done. We’ll be playing the missions this week and announcing the winner next week. Thanks for all those who made a mission! We hope you had fun.

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– Intros!


About Al
Where have all the Foundry updates been? Why haven’t we seen any?
Any updates for Neverwinter’s Foundry be a good fit for Star Trek Online’s?
Is there any original tech for STO’s Foundry that’s not in Neverwinter’s?
Why isn’t there an iPhone app for Star Trek Online?
Have you played / tried to make a Foundry mission?
Skill Tree Update
Why the skill tree changes? Is it really better now? How?
Will the new skill tree stifle differentiation between builds?
Al, are you REALLY a Trekkie?
Why does Stephen DeAngelo say we’ll only have 2 Featured Series? Why are chance boxes in here? Why are C-Store prices higher?
Think STO hasn’t added any content? Captain Geko has a list, and it is very epic.
The Ultimate Reason why featured episode series weren’t worked on.
EXCLUSIVE: We know the Dominion is the next featured series enemies, but Al Rivera tells us what the NEXT TWO series’ baddies will be!
Something new every week? What’s that mean?
How did STO get its lead writer?
Al’s Opinion on the Shatnerverse, because its hilarity!
What will the focus be on Season 6? PVP! … but what does that mean?
Other updates coming in Season 6
Exclusive: Captain Geko wants to revamp Kits. And he talks about some of his ideas.
What does a “Fleet Advancement System” mean? Al has ideas, and he talks them!
Enterprise-F and Klingon Flagship: Free or C-Store? Apparently both!
Is Cryptic Studios a bunch of money grubbers? Well, apparently Jack Emmert drove a really crappy car!
Will Obisek Return?
Best case scenario for the future, what would Fleet Starbases look like?
Romulan Faction Talk: Putting Romulans in the game is filled with more difficult decisons than you might think!
Seriously, what’s the deal with chance boxes? Will the Jem Hadar ship ever be offered again?
There’s a secret benefit to having chance boxes in Star Trek Online. YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS. Your mind will spin with possibilities!
Is the Jem Hadar ship the most powerful ship in the game? Al calls shenanigans!
Will there be more chance boxes in the future?
Two words: Risa Beachwear. Where is it?
There’s one ship players have asked for in Star Trek Online that they haven’t gotten. It MIGHT get into the game, with help from chance boxes! Listen to find out what!
Nanopulse Weapons. Awesome, or oops?
Andoria – Almost 2 years later and no Ushaan dueling? WTF?
Small missions might come to social zones?
Captain Geko likes … 3D Chess.
Are new bridge officer powers coming to the game?
Tactical Team changes a-coming.
Sub-Classes Rumor: is there anything to them?
Who’s responsible for putting new assets in the Foundry?
What’s the next big ticket item coming to Star Trek Online?

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