Podcast UGC

Hello everyone! Our second episode of Podcast UGC is up, and longer than the first, much to all of your dismay! The youtube video version will be slower coming.

Listen to Podcast UGC Episode 2 Here!
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Podcast UGC Episode 2 Show Notes

Starbase UGC News
Podcast UGC has an Email Address! – podcastugc@starbaseugc.com

Foundry News
The Foundry is Still Dead on Tribble!
– The Secrets of Triggers
– The Feature in Hav’s Animations With Helna Video?
The Conference Call
– What Does it Mean for Foundry Authors?

Shout Out – Everyone, go bookmark http://www.stoportal.com/ !!

UGC Mission Reviews
Klingon Mission “Two Houses of Kapua” by Malize – On Tribble Only
Federation Mission “The Longing” by Rachel Garrett – On Holodeck as a Spotlight Mission

STO News
Frozen Review
The Low Down on the Gorn! – http://twitpic.com/417vp1

Nerd Rage of the Week
TNG and DS9 Uniforms! GRRR!!!!