Double digits means we’re double better than all the other podcasts. How does my logic work? The same way technobabble works. NO, not suspension of disbelief, wise guy! Because I “say” it should work! Duh!

We ran with no show notes tonight, primarily because its the last week of my schooling and I’m too busy to make show notes. Of course we somehow manage to make sure the show got to 2 and a half hours this week, mainly because I thought the Engineering Report was SO AWESOME I had to read all of it. Apparently I was the only person who did. :( I’d say “c’est la vie” if I didn’t hate the French language so much.

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Show Notes:
The STO Podcast Summit
Engineering Report and Everything in It!
Clean Up on Aisle Foundry! – Exploitive Missions Removed!

Fek’Ihri Invasion by Napoleon Blownapart
Starfleet Experimentation by Bazag
Two Cloaks, One Dagger by RogueEnterprise

Should the Rating System be Changed?