If you are new to the foundry, here is a brief tutorial that well help you create your own house for the STO Player Housing Project. This may look complicated, but just take 1 step at a time and you will be done in less than 15 minutes.

1) At the character select screen, click the “Create Content” on top of the character list.

2) Create your foundry character.

3) Once in the foundry editor, click the “New Project” button at the top

4) Name your project(and remember to include “Player Housing Project” in the title).

5) Once your project has loaded, click the “Maps” button on the left side.

6) Click the “create map” button at the top.

7) Name your map, and select map type. For the purpose of this tutorial select “indoor” from the drop down menu, and select “Federation” on the faction drop down menu.

8) For the purpose of this tutorial select the map named “Federation Interior 2” and click the “create” button in the bottom right corner.

9) Now that you have a map to work on, click the “Story” tab on the top left menu.

10) From the story screen you will see your map listed on the right side menu. Click and drag your map below the “Grant Mission Dialog” box.

11) Choose where your mission starts by clicking the button “Whole Map” on the gray box and selecting the start point you want. For the purpose of this tutorial select “Earth Spacedock” on the left.

12) Now select the specific door on ESD that will go to your mission. For the purpose of this tutorial click “Ops Door – North”, which will appear underneath the Transporter Icon on the map legend. Click “OK” in the bottom corner.

13) Add an objective to your map. For the purpose of this tutorial click and drag the “Interact with Object” icon on the right menu into the green “Project Map” box.

14) Go back to your map by clicking the “Maps” tab on the left side menu. On the top right corner of the screen you should see a tab named “Unplaced” with a little alert icon. Click this tab, click on the default object listed in the menu and drag it to the center room on your map.

15) Go back to the “Story” tab and fill in the missing items. Start at the top by selecting a costume for the “Grant Mission Dialog” box. You can simply select the first costume which is an academy cadet. Now type something like “Go visit my house” in the dialog area.

16) Now type something in the dialog section of the grey box below like “Welcome to my house”. Now go below to the green “Project Map” box, and type something simple in each of the lines with the yellow alert next to them.

17) Finally, go back to the “Project” tab on the left side menu and type something for your mission description. Be sure to tell people where to go to start your mission. For this tutorial you would need to tell them to go to Earth Spacedock, then go to the door below the transporter icon on the map legend.

You have now created a simple functional mission that can be published. However, the entire purpose of the Player Housing Project is to actually create your own house! So once you have a basic functional mission, simply go back to the map you created and add any kind of decorations to the room you may want. There are many different kinds of objects to choose from, so there are endless possibilities for creating something unique.

Hopefully this helps you get started =D