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Your faithful friend Filbones here. I’d like to thank you, for all the support I’ve gotten recently for these Noob Guides, as well as the reviews I’ve been doing for you all. Hope they haven’t been too critical and help you make constructive changes to your mission. I as always start out my Guide with this.

“I only know what I know and that changes every second of my life. I do not call myself a Vet or Professional towards the Foundry tools. I only share what I think I know and hope that you may find something I know that you can use.”

For those of you just visiting or only hearing of me for the first time, feel free to check out my StarbaseUGC posts here or have a look at Noob Guide One and Two by clicking on the numbers. If you’re interested in my reviews you can check out the STO Forum Thread here.

So this week we will be covering Map Transitions and Social Map Objectives. A big shout out to LordOfPit [LOP] for Helping me use this post and by playing and talking about his mission Project Revava.

Noob Guide to Foundry Part 3;

Map Transitions & Social Objectives


  • Basic Map Transitions
    • 1st Social Zone Door.
    • Social Zone to Custom Map Transition.
    • Custom to Custom Map Transitions.
  • Basic Social Zone Objectives
    • Setting Objectives to Create a Map Transition.
    • Using Objectives to Indicate a Map Transition.
  • Advanced Map Transitions
    • Custom Map to Social Zone Map Transitions.
    • Social to Custom Map Transitions within your Mission.
  • Advanced Social Zone Objectives
    • Setting Objectives to Create a Social Map Transition.
    • Using Objectives to Indicate a Social Zone Map Transition.


So I guess you already have some questions about all of the definitions. A Map Transition is simply a change of map in your mission, Eg; Space – Interior – Ground (in any order). 1st Social door is the starting origin of your mission in the already created maps by Cryptic on the Star Trek Online game (STO). Now Social Zones are also any created map by Cryptic on STO. A Custom Map refers to any map you choose to create for your User Generated Content (UGC). A Mission refers to the story, UGC or game Content you decide to create using a title within the Foundry Tool-set. Objectives are created with any of the standard tools provided by Cryptic on Foundry for STO. These include Interact With Object, Kill Enemies, Talk to Contact, Popup Dialog and Reach Marker also known as a Place Marker.

  • Map Transitions

    In order to launch your mission you must select a starting point for your mission. The starting point is also Known as a door. This is available for selection once you have a Map Transition. This is what you will see when you first start to create a Foundry mission and have made it to the Story tab. As you may notice there are currently no Map Transitions under the accept mission Pop-up Box. If you are having trouble finding this, can I please refer you to here for the official STO tutorial or here for a StarbaseUGC video tutorial.

How does one get a Map Transition to state the obvious? Simply place any of the following tools [Interact With Object, Kill Enemies, Talk to Contact, Popup Dialog or Reach Marker also known as a Place Marker] into the story board under the accept mission Popup and assign the tools target to any object, NPC contact, enemy or reach marker. If you’re still having problems, please check out the StarbaseUGC Tutorials page here. I have created a custom map [Federation Interior 02] and placed an Object [Alpine Bush – M 01 #1]. I have then placed the first tool [Interact With Object] in the Story Board and added [Scan Bush] to the mission text

Set the Object #1 to the Alpine Bush – M 01 #1 and Magic (Vegemite Sandwich).

We must now set our first Social Zone Door. This is were your mission starts. I have chosen Sirius Sector Block – Andorian System.

If you have selected the […] box this scene will appear

Enter some test into the Text section of the Object tool and your mission is ready for publish. If you wish to transfer to another custom map, simply create another map and do all of the previous again. This mission is currently on Tribble ‘Map Transitions and Objectives’

  • Map Transitions & Social Zone Objectives

So there is no way to make this easy for anyone and it would take way to much time to simplify, so I recommend all Noobs who are not understanding this tutorial to go back and find some of my links to either The Noob Guides or StarbaseUGC Tutorials.

The only story icon/box that you may not be aware of when it comes to a Social Zone Map Transition. Is this…

This will appear when either you indicate a Map Transition to a Social Map or indicate objectives on a different Social Map. You don’t need to create a custom map at all within a foundry mission if you wish for your story to take place solely in the Cryptic created STO universe. So how do we achieve this Map Transition? You can use tools such as Interact With Object, Talk to Contact, Popup Dialog and Reach Marker options within every social Starbase type map, such as Earth Space dock (ESD), Andoria and Qo’nos. So how do we achieve this Map Transition? Simply place one of the above mentioned tools into the story and set the […] to the mission appropriate map. Eg, Cryptic Map, ESD, Wall console #1, which is outside of the transporter room at ESD.

Unfortunately when ever this Map Transition is in use it will not activate a Map Transition window/popup and you will have to direct your audience to use UI functions to exit the Sector, System, Interior or Ground STO map. You will need to place something like these as your next Objective. Eg, Exit System, Beam out to Map Transfer or Return to Ship.

This also comes with few warnings:

Any Map Transition from Custom Map to Social Zone…

  • is not playable in Preview mode.
  • will take the player to the last known social Zone co-ordinants.



  1. Put mission location in the mission description.
  2. Start your mission near a social Zone transwarp.
  3. Use Objectives to Indicate to the player what to do.


  1. Have a battle while spawning after a map transition.
  2. Use Wander for NPC that are Interact with Contact Objectives.
  3. Use artistic creativity with generic STO Implements. Eg; Objective Descriptions, Map Transition buttons…
  4. Give away the next objectives reason in the Dialogue’s before the player interacts with it.

Whats New!

  1. There will be absolutely no Export/Import function for Tribble.
  2. We now have a Database of Items on Tribble. Here
  3. We will have TOS interiors as soon as they are released.
  4. Cut-scenes are still on The Cryptic Foundry design schedule.


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