Noob Guide to Foundry Part 1

If you’re still asking the question what’s Foundry, Foundry is user generated content (UGC): The ability for players to create there own Star Trek Online (STO) missions. Check the official website for more information.

Or if this blog isn’t to your pace check out: for the Official Walkthough.

OR for the most comprehensive database currently.

OR for the most up to date beginners tutorial by NemesisChiken


Do some Research…


  • Start a thread on the Foundry forums saying you’re interested in creating a mission.
  • Spam the StarBaseUGC Chat room.
  • Don’t advertise or post your mission anywhere until you have had the time to flush out the content.
  • Don’t ask questions without looking for them first.

This will save you allot of heart ache.


To be a Foundry Author you need a good creative head on your shoulders, as well as the ability to consider others’ opinions, even if they’re ridiculous or you don’t like them.  There are many threads of annoyance in the Foundry Forums and they are due to Sprooking. Sprooking is advertising your mission, sharing your  story or simply posting an  idea.  These are great ways to get yourself noticed as an Author or to get people to play your mission. If you do not want what you are posting criticised, do not post.

So you ask, how do I get help with my mission? If you have this frame of mind, even if you have been playing on foundry since Tribble  launch, congratulations. You have taken the first step towards collaboration. Simply ask.


A great place to start to help put your ideas in perspective is a blog by  The Illustrious Q.

You can find his first blog here Or a list of his guides from the most recent here.

Once you have clicked on Create Content and have created a character, start playing. There are plenty of reference materials in all of the previous links to find any answer you might need about the technicality of getting started. If you’re having trouble doing this, then a good port of call is Captain’s Log: Foundry-friendly resource and tips.


So your looking for guides and tutorials? Look no Further than these Youtube bloggers.

In part two of this series I will be spotlighting more on video tutorials.

StarbaseUGC has just started to do podcasts that are quite informative here are the links.





I’m not going to touch any-more on mission authoring other than that. There are plenty of resources within these links that have said more than I ever could.


The advertising process. The one trait that most good missions on foundry have is a good trailer.

Check out this Jupiter Station Podcast for more info On demorecord.

Also you can check out a post by RacherlGarret here.

RachelGarret is amazing with Demorecord and trailers and you can find all her StarbaseUGC content from the most recent here.

Mac’s STO Demo Record Guide. The PDF is available Here.

Well I’m hoping that’s enough for now to get you started. Good luck.