This past week highlights the following new missions for Star Trek Online:


Starfleet Missions

“The Rise of the Red Eclipse”

by @prierin

Level 35+

When an anti-Federation terrorist group violently interrupts peace talks between Starfleet and several high-profile dignitaries, it falls upon you to rescue them and stop an all-out war against the Federation. However, things are not always what they seem, and some answers lead only to further questions…

“Ghosts of War, Part VI”

by @NCC-89471

Level 35+

The entire Ghosts of War series has now been remastered! In the unforgettable finale, you must pursue the enemy alliance across space and time to end their threat – thousands of years before it began.


“dreaded undead”

by @boertje1998

Any Level

when you’re sent on a mission to find a lost ship what you find is even more gruesome than you have ever imagined. you find a pathogen capable to kill and revive the victim as a canniballistic infection-spreading version of himself. you have to work as hard as you see possible to stop the spreading of this horrible virus and save entire starfleet!


Klingon Missions


“The Krios Conspiracy Part 1”

by @commandermic

Level 16+

It all starts with investigating the destruction of a Klingon vessel nearby Krios. Kebor, son of Mak’Tor asks you for help, after the High Council refused his request for support. What initially sounds like a routine job, soon leds into the beginning of a conspiracy against the Klingon Empire.