It’s gotten a bit busier on the Neverwinter site in the past week with a couple videos featuring the Guardian Fighter class, the lore of Blackdagger Ruins and a PAX Roundup. While none of these posts said anything new about the Foundry, mapolis and jfinderdev did clarify a few things for the community in the forums.

When asked to clarify how the reward system worked, and whether authors could create one objective missions such as the “Clickie” missions we see in STO, mapolis replied with this answer:

Since rewards are based off of the average completion time of the quest, this kind of exploit wouldn’t work, and you would just get trash from the chest.

This is also why we don’t allow authors to directly reward XP for completing tasks. It exposes the Foundry to heavy exploitation.

Several posters then brought up concerns about players exploiting the Foundry’s time-based reward system by AFKing in missions to artificially inflate their playtime. mapolis responded with this:

The average is calculated and constantly adjusted from the playtimes recorded from every player who goes through that quest, so simply going AFK wouldn’t necessarily increase your reward. It would take a coordinated effort from many separate accounts to artificially raise the average, and as soon as it starts to be exploited, the average will adjust accordingly and fix itself. On top of this, we intend to have some kind of cap on how many hours of Foundry content you can be rewarded for per day, so no exploit can really get too far.

There are a number of other things we’re doing under the hood to prevent botting and exploits, but I’m no programmer so I don’t understand them 🙂

All good news for people who want to see proper rewards being given to Foundry mission players yet don’t want to see it being abused (like it is in Star Trek Online).

Another thing brought up in the forums was how players are always brought to the first map when continuing a Foundry mission in STO even though they’ve already completed part of it. jfinderdev assured us that this is no longer an issue when he posted:

Yup, this has been changed in Neverwinter. You will warp to the last map you were on when playing the quest, with no need to hop through the previous maps.

While this could be seen as a minor bug, it’s a huge boost to the user experience and makes it more palatable for players to finish a mission over several sessions.  It’s also amusing to see jfinderdev using the word “Warp” when referring to entering a mission.  Wrong game jfinderdev!

A big thanks to mapolis and jfinderdev for answering the community’s questions and knowing Cryptic we’ll have plenty more dev posts to talk about in the future.