Multiple Dialog Entries, the cheat

I’ve seen this question come up quite frequently and I’ve asked it myself as well: “What about multiple dialog entries?”

We’re not talking about branching dialogs or having a complex dialog tree, however the current Talk-to and Popup-dialog aren’t enough to simulate an actual conversation where the Player’s Captain appears to actually talk to an NPC, something that I feel can help stimulate the Player’s imagination by reinforcing the illusion that the Player is actually asking questions or making statements to the NPC rather than simply acknowledging one pop-up dialog after another.

Setting up multiple dialogs isn’t supported by the Foundry tool set. The steps listed below however produce a simulation of a conversation between the player and an NPC contact:

Coversation Simulation

To set up the conversation, you must hide multiple copies of interactive objects that the Player can interact with. I chose the Light Ray Small Effect object and placed 3 copies of it under the NPC. After the objects are in place, you can use them in a [Complete All] mission goal so that each interaction appears together with all the other interactions as multiple entries in the Interaction Window. The Player can then select to activate any of the interactions, which in turn trigger the popup dialogs as demonstrated by the set-up in the picture below.

How to fake multiple=

That’s basically it. It looks kind of ugly because the player is actually interacting with an invisible object, and this trick doesn’t allow for a fluid conversation without a very involved set up, but it’s a start, and I hope it helps. ๐Ÿ˜‰