Title: Healing Old Wounds (Ep. I)

Author:  Alenis Kendra

Faction: Federation

Level Requirement: None

There is an incoming message! A Bajoran scientist informs you that a state of emergency has been declared in Hathon. He is requesting that you leave to rendezvous with him on Bajor immediately. This mission will call for scientific, diplomatic and tactical skills, both in space and on the ground.

This mission is story oriented and is part of a series of episodes I am writing that revolve around the Bajoran people. This mission is perfect for fans of DS9, but can be enjoyed by anyone.


Also, this episode was reviewed by Hippiejohn in the last episode of The Foundry Roundtable, which you can view here!


A note from the author, Alenis Kendra:

Hi all!

I am fairly new to the STO community. Earlier last year, after only a few weeks of playing, I was seriously disappointed with the lack of Bajoran related content for low leveled players. In fact, I was discouraged enough to almost lose interest in the game. Then, I discovered The Foundry. It was like a whole new world had opened up to me! The vast potential for storytelling made me drool with anticipation! I hammered off my first version of this mission, not having a CLUE what I was doing. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t very good.

Thankfully, instead of just writing me off, other Foundry authors made some very helpful suggestions. And now, after many more months of writing, tweaking things, and driving everyone on Starbase UGC’s chat completely bonkers, I have successfully re-released my mission!

So, I’d like to send a special thank you out into the galaxy to everyone who helped me, both on the STO Forums and here on Starbase UGC! In addition, I want to thank Kirkfat and Bazag for their fantastic video tutorials.


Healing Old Wounds