Some months ago I was contacted by someone via in-game mail who wanted tips on creating a custom interior.  At the time I was busy and couldn’t provide a detailed reply, but I told him that I thought I could write up a guide in the next couple of weeks.  Well, weeks passed, and then months, and I just never found the time to work on it.  At least not until the last few weeks.

Below is a link to my video tutorial on creating a custom interior.  The entire length of the tutorial is 55 minutes, however the first 15 minutes just involve discussing what a custom interior is, why you’d want to create one, the pros and cons, etc.  So, if you are only interested in the actual meat of how to create a custom interior, you can basically skip all of that stuff.

The tutorial is quite in depth and includes basically everything I’ve learned about creating custom interiors.  It might also be a little bit long winded, so hopefully it’s not too boring.  If you do watch the tutorial, you should be up to speed on how to create a custom interior for yourself.

The tutorial is split into several different parts.   To watch the entire thing you can follow the link to the full playlist, or you can select the individual parts you’d like to watch from the links below.

Creating A Custom Interior Map – Full Playlist

Part 1 – Introduction (1:15)
Part 2 – What Is A Custom Interior? (0:49)
Part 3 – Why Create A Custom Interior? (6:48)
Part 4 – Example Of A Custom Interior / Pros & Cons (6:44)
Part 5 – Creating A Custom Interior: Selecting An Outdoor Map (2:19)
Part 6 – Creating A Custom Interior: Selecting An Elevation / Placing Your Floor (10:06)
Part 7 – Creating A Custom Interior: Designing Your Corridors / Placing Straight Walls (7:11)
Part 8 – Creating A Custom Interior: Placing Corners / Example Of Creating A Map / Placing Windows (13:44)
Part 9 – Creating A Custom Interior: Placing Consoles / Conclusion (5:21)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  You can reach me in-game at @nagorak, or in the STO forum where my handle is nagorak.  Good luck, and have fun!  🙂