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  •  Mission Title:   I.T.P.A. Series  (Intergallactic Time Protection Agency)
  • Project ID: Multiple Missions
  • Allegiance:   Federation
  • Level:   Level +31
  • Starting Location:   Deep Space Nine, Airlock across from Quark’s Bar. 
  • To access these missions, search I.T.P.A. under the mission name under the search bar or type AdmiralMurphy under the author in the custom search tab.


Author’s Description:    In the first mission of the I.T.P.A. Series, your diplomatic mission to the Minotaur System takes a strange turn when you are pulled from your time to assist in stopping an enemy from changing the Federation’s history.

In Part 2 of the series, you’ve been recruited again to travel back in time to investigate further into the changes of events in the past at a rebel mining outpost.

In Part 3 of the series, it’s up to you to find out who is your friend and enemy to save your ship from blowing to bits.

In Part 4 of the series, Lost in time, it’s up to you to find a way back to your own time.

In the Final episode of the series, it’s up to you to finish your mission and prevent the Federation from being destroyed.



A n enjoyable series with a good tale involving time travel and a lot of action. Some very challenging battles await you as you proceed with your mission to stop the timeline from being changed. As with all of AdmiralMurphys’ series, the characters are brought to life very well, and in I.T.P.A., seeking and stopping the Federation nemesis completes a solid story.


This series is very well put together. As you go forward in each episode, the story builds to an exciting climax. AdmiralMurphy also utilizes the combat elements well in his missions, and aside from enjoyable and challenging battles, there are also good loot drops along the way for those seeking to build up the energy credits. You can kill three birds with one stone by enjoying a great 5 part series, getting nice loot, and the completing the officer reports with each mission.


The maps in this story are constructed nicely. The author uses the Foundry’s tools well and it adds to the missions nicely. The effects and multiple locations are built perfect to accomodate the action in all the episodes of the series.


As a long established and well known author, AdmiralMurphy has left his mark among the most popular authors in the Foundry community. He is very adept at creating the Foundry series, which helps to supplement the lack of content in the game itself with the featured episodes. His classic series, The Jem’hadar Alliance is one of the most popular and highly rated series in the game, and no matter which mission you choose to play by this skilled storyteller, it is certain to be an enjoyable ride.

My Rating:   5 Stars