Hi Fellow Foundry types,


I’ve been going through the forums (as I am rather loathed to do these days, but trawl I did), and I came across a rather interesting idea in the now forsaken Tribble Patch Notes thread from 8th November.


If you’re been on Tribble, testing like the good Nanovs you are, then you may well have noticed that there are now these shiny new Reputation Systems for New Romulus and STF’s, which give Shiny New Items and Abilities through a Fleetbase type progression system (just a lot cheaper).

Now we’re always looking for the latest way to attract players to our Missions, why not have a Foundry Reputation System? We’ve heard that in Neverwinter, Authors will earn special rewards, so why not do the same in STO but also for the players.


For the dilligant foundry players, offer some cool MKXII gear or an awesome ship, or exclusive Cryptic content, or whatever, hell even something along the lines of a dancing Three Headed hell puppy hologram would be awesome.. or is that just me?


Then we’ve also got the a separate but perhaps similar route for the Authors, where the more plays and reviews they get, the higher up the tree they go, perhaps unlocking special content packs along the way as well.


Perhaps the authors receive a fixed share of the rewards for each play of their mission (especially if mission rewards will be time based from now on) in addition to Tips so that those of us who spend hundreds and hundreds of hours slaving away in the foundry get a nice healthy return of the things our players are earning from our productions.


What do you guys think?

If you have any comments, criticism or additions to these ideas, please put them in the comments bellow, and I’ll try and round them all up and post them on the Forums in prettiful colours.


Your sometimes loveable Hell Doggy


Foundry Reputation System
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