LENGTH : 15-45min


DESCRIPTION :  On routine mission to transport some dilithium crystals to Dr. Bohen at the Warp Engine Research Institue. Your crew recieves an unusual distress call from the Aelas System in the Devron Sector, close to the Romulan Border.


  • Game-play 4.5
  • Difficulty 2
  • Trek 4.5
  • Grind 2
  • Design 5

When you hang around the StarbaseUGC chat room long enough you become needed. Had just finished doing a review on a first mission, first draft, test mission, done by a talented new author. It was a 1hour grind, but did show allot of promise.  Just to put you in perspective it was 4am and was ready for bed. When some one asked. “Does anyone have 20min to try out my mission.” This was Chaddy18. My response was “As long as it only takes 20min.” I had had enough of foundry and was ready for bed, but said what the hell I’ll do it. So after a brief discussion of what he wanted feedback for, I was off again. “please make this a good mission, Please make this a good mission.” Over and over again in my head. I did not start this mission willing to like it. I LOVED IT!!!!

If you haven’t played this mission yet, get on Tribble and play it right now. I promise it is worth your time. IF this is not enough to make you want to play it, please read on.

“Grrrrr my puzzles broke!.” Chaddy18

Absolutely awesome design, well thought out story and dialogue,  great cannon references and as good as a weekly from Cryptic. This mission is as good as it can be using Foundry.

  • Tip one: Pick up the mission at a space station
  • Tip two: Take a fire extinguisher.
  • Tip three: Use your STF build.


Okay so you pick up the mission, you have some dilithium crystals for some one near the Romulan border.  Why a Warp Engine Research Institute is near the Romulan Border is lunacy, but hay Starfleet are always doing silly things and always accidentally putting people in jeopardy. I really hope Chaddy comes back and flushes out some more story to do with the Warp Engine Research Institute itself. So you pick up the distress signal. Already, I’m thinking oh dear hear we go. Already gave half the story away in the description and I drop out of warp and enter the system… Wow the prettiest warp in I have ever seen on STO. Amazing, clean crisp uncluttered map that is totally engaging. Simple, but effective. Immediately I’m thankful to Cryptic  for the new features and Chaddy18 for knowing what his doing. From this point on it was, this is going to be a good mission.


So I’m approaching the starbase to beam the dilithium crystals aboard. I am swayed a little bit, but I think that is just because I’m used to *approach the base *defend or *beam aboard. So I’m thinking cool this mission is about this Institute and am really looking forward to delving into the secret badness of this station, when my ideas are snatch out of my head and I’m getting attacked by Borg. This is the last point of me worrying about getting to bed soon. The battle was simple, but felt epic. Okay I am writing this while playing though for the second time. The combat has changed, it is excellent, but not as good as the first time I played it.


I have played missions were you go to your bridge and do it in my own mission, but this is the first Author that has pulled it off. I really felt I was aboard my ship and what could have been my Bridge. It was awesome. This Author knows his environments and really contributes details that are immersive.  As for the mission on the bridge, you may not like being bossed around by NPC’s and it doesn’t make sense for you not to be ordering the crew to do things you have too, however if this author had the same tool set as cryptic, I’m sure that it would have been more appropriate. I got  giddy doing things on my bridge and Chaddy really gave you the feel of RPGing.

One amazing space map after another. I felt like I was walking through a gallery of constellations. I couldn’t wait to see his ground maps or other interiors. This is Chaddy18’s signature. A polished mission from story to design. Using the word polished is also an under estimate. There is no point in the mission you feel that you shouldn’t be there. Clean, stylish and sleek.


Okay your near the Romulan Border, they were bound to turn up eventually. The dialogue with the Romulan’s is truly just as impressive as the space maps. You really get a connection with them. That is what makes this mission truly great. Your interacting with enemies within the confines of trek law. STO may have us believe that trek is about shooting as soon as an enemy shows signs of aggressiveness, but my experiences and believes have trek being a series that tells us that war and fighting is the absolute last resort. Chaddy18 captures this in his mission. He puts us in danger and allows us to defeat an enemy for good reason.


Here I was enjoying the mission with all this great content being thrown at me like a spoiled child during Christmas, when he topped it up even further. Cannon! BOOM! References to TNG and VOY, as well as lovable characters. SINGING: I’m in heaven, I’m in heaven and my heart sinks as though I can hardly… … …

My saying recently has been Trigger Happy, but I may have to change it to Chaddy Happy. Now before you run of to cryptic and shout EULA, I did say references. And yes, like every good trek mission there is a major laugh out load moment near the end.



So I’m walking around a Romulan ship and totally have a First Contact moment. There are Borg at the end of the corridor, I get all flustered, I start equipping myself and my boffs appropriately, I approach, I lock on, hang on a minute there not attacking… I walk past quietly. It was awesome and yes the interiors are just as good as ground and Space. A little bit simpler, but effective.

Ahh the Universe is safe again…

Worth the play. If you don’t, others will.