As many of you know, Cryptic COO Jack Emmert, STO Executive Producer Dan Stahl, and Community Rep Stormshade participated in Skype conference calls with a select group of Foundry authors and community leaders several weeks ago.

Many ideas were thrown around, and Cryptic spent most of the time taking notes, after asking for community requests for specific features in the Foundry, as well as requesting more general feedback regarding the toolset.

The first conference call was not recorded. However, I decided at the last minute to listen in and record the second conference call, which involved Galactrix, Rachel Garrett, Havraha, and Pendra. After obtaining permission from Cryptic and the players involved, I’m posting the audio for all to hear.

Hopefully, a greater degree of transparency helps.

Listen or download the conference call:

Click Here (or right-click and “save as”)


Additionally, Stormshade took time out of his busy schedule to better explain the purpose of these calls and how they are influencing the dev’s priorities and goals.  A very brief interview with Stormshade follows:

SBUGC: Thanks for taking time out of such a busy and hectic schedule, Stormshade! Can you please explain the purpose of these conference calls? How were participants selected? What did you hope to hear from the Foundry community?

Stormshade/Shaun: We wanted to run a small focus group, utilizing the experience and expertise of people who have been very vocal, and active, on the forums regarding The Foundry. The purpose is really just to collect feedback, and then take that to put it into an easily read form so we could present it to the The Foundry Team, in an effort to make sure that our development priorities are in line with what our players would like to see from the tool set.

SBUGC: Did the conference calls meet or exceed your expectations? Was the feedback useful? Or, has the laundry list of player requests gotten out of control?

Stormshade/Shaun: We were really blown away by the quality of the ideas the focus group presented. The feedback has been incredibly useful, and we were incredibly pleased to see that it met up well with our own development plans.

SBUGC: Have these calls influenced the team’s choices and priorities? What can we expect? Has anything changed?

Stormshade/Shaun: They sure have! The calls allowed us to prioritize the development cycle for The Foundry in a way which better reflects what our players would like to see from this tool set. We also got a few ideas that weren’t on our schedule, but now are, as well.

SBUGC: Lastly, will we see more conference calls in the future?

Stormshade/Shaun: Well, as you can hear in the recording, we definitely want to do more. I’m fairly certain we’ll be revisiting these focus groups at some time in the future.

SBUGC: Thank you so much!

Stormshade/Shaun: Thank you, it’s been a pleasure!