Sleepers by @Jovell
This mission was played on elite mode with my engineer, Taka.

Opening dialogue

[2:27] [NPC] Captain, thank you for volunteering for this mission. It bothers me to think my fellow service members are missing and what could have happened to them. Starfleet Command would like you to rendevous with a Legate J’Tran from Cardassian High Command on board the CDS Aldara in the Kinjun System. He will provide you with information on the next step of your investigation. Vice Admiral, I dont have to tell you the importance of this mission. Only that it is highly classified and I can trust you to keep it that way. The Detroit, San Fransisco, and the Partition went missing two days ago, and the Celest and the Nephilim went missing yesterday. Four escorts and a cruiser. It is the utmost importance that we find out what happened to them. Keep me informed of your progress. Marconi, out.
Rendevous should be “Rendezvous”

Dont needs an apostrophe.

Kinjun System

Nothing major to note here.

CDS Aldara Bridge

2:41] [NPC] : I don’t know whats going on, Captain. This is why we are working with Starfleet so willingly on this matter. What types of ships is the federation missing?
You should change “is” to are in the sentence, “What type of ships is the federation missing?”


Nice how you used the “fire tornados” here. Although I am slightly confused why you did not use the actual Badlands map backdrop like you see in the DS9 story missions. Having the tornados with the black sky of space somewhat messes up the effect of them.

U.S.S. Celest Bridge

Fire effects are well placed.

Crew Deck

Lieutenant Jessica Kantra had a normal Borg skin. I assume you meant for it to be a starfleet one.

Engineering Deck

Good, clean use of effects. Boss battle in the engine room was a tough one on elite mode.

Badlands #2

Nothing major to note.

U.S.S. Envoy Bridge

Nothing major to note.

Badlands #3

Nothing major to note.

5/5 overall. This was a good mission. The dialogue was well written and only had a few almost insignificant mistakes. Most map designs were simple but they worked out perfectly here. I look forward to more work from you.