Requiem for a Dream ,Part 2: By @1100100_v2.0






Nice touch with the wall console map. Suggest changing interact to something like “Building layout, etc.”

[3:53] [NPC] Briefing continued: As you also may know, historically, all successful missions against the Borg have been about liberty, justice, and have taken approximately one hour. Today (pause for ephasis) today, we follow in the footsteps in those who have gone before us. We will take the road less traveled. And we shall assist the resisting Borg in their cause.  Continue stirring speech and quote Shakespeare’s Henry V about “If the cause is just and honorable” ect.



I assume “ephasis” was meant to be emphasis.


Heh, redshirt joke. Nice touch.

The tactical caitian captain has his default name. Suggest changing it to a unique name.

Computer room is a very nice creation.

You are really good with props.




Change the sonic pulse beacon to something else besides “Beacon 01.”

Nice roll effect on the Immelman.



Good use of the explosion effects on the Borg station.




Full Circle


Amazing tower….

One npc is named “Hamlet cast – Ghost” suggest changing this.


My thoughts on this part are mainly the same as the last one. The scenery was even better this time though. You have a knack for building unique structures. That is your strongest suit. 5/5.