•  Title:   Argus Array Repair Daily
  •  By:   Duke-of-Rock
  •  Allegiance:   Federation
  •  Language:   English
  •  Level:    Any Level
  •  Starting Location:  Wall Console outside Main Transporter Room on Earth Space Dock

I am pleased to offer players a quick, easy mission to assist in the “Officer Reports Daily” mission available to us for the daily 1440 dilithium reward. It is not a “Click to Win” mission. It has substance and visuals based on the Argus Array design from my Spawn of Medusa Foundry series. It can be completed quickly in 8-10 minutes or less and if desired, it can be run 3 times extrememly fast once you run through it the first time. It can also be done as a team. I was able to complete it 3 times with a friend in about 12 minutes. It’s a fun, easy mission without combat that looks at another side of the Star Trek experience and also has the benefit of the Officer Report Daily rewards. I hope you give it a try.

Argus Array Repair Daily:  “Warp instantly from Earth Space Dock to the rebuilt Argus Array to commence repairs that occurred during the campaign to rid the galaxy of the Medusik threat. Sadly, before their defeat, the evil Medusas were able to sabotage this marvel of Federation technology. Enter the system and activate the prototype drones to assist with the exterior repairs while you beam aboard the array and repair the damage inflicted by the enemy.”