• Title:   ABI-Artificial Borg Intelligence
  • By:   Duke-of-Rock
  • Allegience:   Federation
  • Level:   16+
  • Language:   English
  • Starting Location:   Andoria System – Sirius Sector Block

Overview:  The Borg, the Federations’ most lethal enemy, has attempted to assimilate humanity several times and failed. When will their next attempt come, and in what form?
Meet with a Federation officer recently repatriated and freed from the collective to hear her troubling report that the Borg are again attempting to devise a plan to assimilate Earth. Can you find the answer and stop them in time?
We shall soon see!

This mission has been adapted to allow lower level players the ability to enjoy a mission involving Borg.  It includes a Prime Number Puzzle . If you are prepared for it, you can adapt to it quickly. As with my previous missions, this is a story based creation. It is important to read the text to understand my intention and attempt to adapt unusual and uncommon elements into the Star Trek Galaxy. It includes both Space and Ground combat. Some may be challenging.

Good Luck. I hope you enjoy the story.