Grazorak City poster

Mission title: Grazorak City
Author: @woghd911
Faction: FED
Minimum rank required to play: Any rank
First published: April 10 2012


You have been sent on a highly classified mission to retrieve stolen technology known to be located at Grazorak City.  Grazorak City is a the greatest luxury resort in its quadrant. Owned by the Tellerite Duft Grazorak, it is a playground for the wealthiest and most successful people in the Galaxy.  But what evils hide just below the surface?


Authors’s first offering
Extremely open-ended.  Scenario can run in as little as ten minutes or as much as three hours, depending on player decisions and dialogue
Story and roleplay based,  single-player
Although combat is likely, this scenario may be completed without combat.
All maps are custom


  • Six maps
  • six maps,
  • 1106 items
  • 50 costumes
  • 209 dialog trees
  • 14 objectives
  • Entire build took three months