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Tag: UGC Missions

Mission name: Epohh’s Day

Author: @voporak

Faction: Fed

A simple visit to New Romulus for a holiday takes a turn for the worse when disaster strikes. However, as events start repeating themselves, you realize you’re not just trapped in catastrophe… you’re trapped in Epohh’s Day!

This Groundhog’s Day-inspired mission comes to you Star Trek style, with lots of fun, optional accolades, and a health dose of Mimey.


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Grazorak City poster

Mission title: Grazorak City
Author: @woghd911
Faction: FED
Minimum rank required to play: Any rank
First published: April 10 2012


You have been sent on a highly classified mission to retrieve stolen technology known to be located at Grazorak City.  Grazorak City is a the greatest luxury resort in its quadrant. Owned by the Tellerite Duft Grazorak, it is a playground for the wealthiest and most successful people in the Galaxy.  But what evils hide just below the surface?


Authors’s first offering
Extremely open-ended.  Scenario can run in as little as ten minutes or as much as three hours, depending on player decisions and dialogue
Story and roleplay based,  single-player
Although combat is likely, this scenario may be completed without combat.
All maps are custom


  • Six maps
  • six maps,
  • 1106 items
  • 50 costumes
  • 209 dialog trees
  • 14 objectives
  • Entire build took three months





Name: “From Both Ends of Time”
Project ID: ST-HMB3V69TV
Author: Hauriant
Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet
Level: 31+
Starting System: Starbase 39, Alpha Centauri Sector Block


The first majority Suliban colony is about to become a Federation member world. But the Suliban’s past cannot be escaped so easily. Old traps are about to be sprung.



Amount and difficulty of combat varies based on CHOICES MADE DURING THE MISSION.
“Armoury” purposefully spelled the British way.

Full Title: The Lost Fleet of the Valkyrie, Episode 1: Relapse

Faction: Starfleet

Author: Gingie

Level: Any

Project ID: ST-HH3QNN7AU

Starting System: Vesper, Psi Canis Sector block



Fleet Admiral Jennifer Wilcott has asked for your help. One of her ships has failed to report in on patrol near the Klingon border. But things are never what they seem and the missing ship, the USS Forsythe, is in far more danger than anyone can imagine.

Find the USS Forsythe and discover the terrible secret of the Lost Fleet before Klingons destroy them all

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Part I : Shadow War – Mist in the Night
Part II: Shadow War II – Foothold

Author: MrCC3000

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