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Still no sight of The Foundry’s long awaited return to Tribble, let alone Holodeck. However, dstahl has revealed a new schedule:

We ALMOST had the Foundry back on TRIBBLE around 5pm, but found a publishing bug that postponed the switch until we can get a fix. My best ETA right now is sometime early next week it’ll be back on TRIBBLE.

The team is reaeaaallly itching to get this on HOLODECK soon – so I wouldn’t be suprised if there was a huge bug bash and we hit it out of the part sometime shortly after the Romulan Feature Series ends in March.


Boom tomorrow. There’s always a boom tomorrow.

The big push towards a newer, better, Foundry begins in earnest on February 14th, but this will require at least a week of downtime. Salami_Inferno explains:

Hello Loyal Tribble Users!

On Monday February 14th we’re going to push a new build to Tribble. This build will be the very first step towards getting triggers, branching dialogue, and copy/paste into the foundry!

Unfortunately, the preparation will require a week or more of Foundry downtime.

What does this mean?

  • Starting Monday you will no longer be able to create or publish missions on Tribble for at least a week as we shake out the bugs
  • You will still be able to search and play missions that were published prior to the Monday
  • Your missions are safe and will not be deleted by this update
  • If you have access to red shirt closed beta shard the latest updates are already up there and available to test


Additionally, a few tweaks have been made to the Holodeck Foundry missions to resolve pathing issues. Stormshade keeps us up to date:

Hey folks,

A quick update: Last night the update went live with the fix for the pathing issues, and all 4 of these awesome missions have been republished! Pathing issues in these missions should now be resolved.




So if you were planning on getting some Foundry time in over the next week, now’s the time to beg, plead or blackmail your way to a coveted Red Shirt.

Or you could take the opportunity to make frivolous romantic gestures to your loved ones… Nah… Who am I kidding? 😉

The latest update to the Tribble testing server includes a few minor changes to the Foundry. dstahl had the following to say about them:


  • New Skyfiles have been added to the Foundry sky editor
  • Fixed several display names of starships in Foundry
  • Fixed some text issues in mission journal UI that was causing Author info to wrap improperly
  • Updated ability to search missions by language


If anyone knows what the new skymaps are, or has discovered anything else in the latest build, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Additionally, StormShade has elaborated on their previous post about the lack of an Import function:

I understand your feelings, and sadly, sometimes breaking bad news is a part of my job. I’m not saying this won’t change, but right now the plan is not to move over all the missions you guys have created on Holodeck.

The process to copy such a few missions over to Holodeck is long and tedious. It would require a great deal of downtime to move them all to Holodeck. I hope you all can understand why this isn’t something that seems realistic at this time.

Thanks for you understanding,



Confirmed bad news is better than uncertainty, one supposes.

Just listed the UGC stuff from Tribble

•Many stability improvements have been made.
•Misc improvements to the Project Editor. Moved the buttons, improved the layout, etc.
•Fixing exterior map snaps that were missing after a publish. Also should eliminate an error about map snap resolution being too high.
•There has been a UI pass over the Story Editor:
◦Titlebars on all every node describe what this node is
◦The whole node is no longer draggable, so you don’t get the flickering hand.
◦Consistent Play and Trash button in the properties window.
◦Consistent title in the properties window.
◦Better looking Grant Mission Prompt and selected node highlighting.
•Fix for bug where you could no longer interact with a mission node.
•Adding a scroll bar to asset library description.
•Make asset library picker windows modal. Should prevent awful things like maps being deleted while open in the picker
•Fix problem where having a deferred UGC mission would incorrectly re-init all missions instead of just the UGC mission on the player.
•Fix for crash when deleting a component off of an objective would cause the map the objective is on to change.
•Fix for encounter system crash that shows up in UGC map preview. (COR-11850)
•Fix a positional bug with the UGC search details text”
•Search UI Improvements have been made
•Fixed the duplicate Marauder Battle Barge ship costumes. They have been changed to properly show “Varanus Fleet Support Vessel” and “Vulcan D’Kyr Vessel.”
•Disable foundry search tabs in mission UI until fed players have completed the tutorial

It’s official.