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Mission name: Epohh’s Day

Author: @voporak

Faction: Fed

A simple visit to New Romulus for a holiday takes a turn for the worse when disaster strikes. However, as events start repeating themselves, you realize you’re not just trapped in catastrophe… you’re trapped in Epohh’s Day!

This Groundhog’s Day-inspired mission comes to you Star Trek style, with lots of fun, optional accolades, and a health dose of Mimey.


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Title: Healing Old Wounds (Ep. I)

Author:  Alenis Kendra

Faction: Federation

Level Requirement: None

There is an incoming message! A Bajoran scientist informs you that a state of emergency has been declared in Hathon. He is requesting that you leave to rendezvous with him on Bajor immediately. This mission will call for scientific, diplomatic and tactical skills, both in space and on the ground.

This mission is story oriented and is part of a series of episodes I am writing that revolve around the Bajoran people. This mission is perfect for fans of DS9, but can be enjoyed by anyone.


Also, this episode was reviewed by Hippiejohn in the last episode of The Foundry Roundtable, which you can view here!


A note from the author, Alenis Kendra:

Hi all!

I am fairly new to the STO community. Earlier last year, after only a few weeks of playing, I was seriously disappointed with the lack of Bajoran related content for low leveled players. In fact, I was discouraged enough to almost lose interest in the game. Then, I discovered The Foundry. It was like a whole new world had opened up to me! The vast potential for storytelling made me drool with anticipation! I hammered off my first version of this mission, not having a CLUE what I was doing. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t very good.

Thankfully, instead of just writing me off, other Foundry authors made some very helpful suggestions. And now, after many more months of writing, tweaking things, and driving everyone on Starbase UGC’s chat completely bonkers, I have successfully re-released my mission!

So, I’d like to send a special thank you out into the galaxy to everyone who helped me, both on the STO Forums and here on Starbase UGC! In addition, I want to thank Kirkfat and Bazag for their fantastic video tutorials.


Healing Old Wounds

Hello there all, this is Dionsol. I ran a walkthrough of Altexist mission Tipping Point. I thought I’d pass along the Youtube links for your viewing enjoyment

This is part 1 Of  4:

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Sorry again for the choppy video, but it gets better in the editor.  I hope it’s helpful.  More cool tricks with triggers.

Note: One thing that I didn’t mention is that if you just want to use one ship from the npc group, you can put the others on other parts of the map.  This is something that I really should have done with the Borg cube.

In a new interview with MMO Sanctuary, executive producer Dan Stahl answers many general questions about the Foundry toolset.  While many of these answers are not new, he did share a tentative date for the Foundry to go live on Holodeck:

We are going into our final round of Beta testing with our v.1 update. This update contains many features requested by our Beta Testers. Once that update has had a chance to go through trials on the TRIBBLE test server, we plan to open the Beta up on our live HOLODECK server and make the tools available for anyone to use. Our tentative date for the Foundry being on HOLODECK is sometime in March.

Read the full interview HERE.

Well, I had a few technical issues making this one.  Sorry for the quality issues.  It gets much better near the end, when things get complicated.  Anyways, I hope that it helps you.

As many of you know, Cryptic COO Jack Emmert, STO Executive Producer Dan Stahl, and Community Rep Stormshade participated in Skype conference calls with a select group of Foundry authors and community leaders several weeks ago.

Many ideas were thrown around, and Cryptic spent most of the time taking notes, after asking for community requests for specific features in the Foundry, as well as requesting more general feedback regarding the toolset.

The first conference call was not recorded. However, I decided at the last minute to listen in and record the second conference call, which involved Galactrix, Rachel Garrett, Havraha, and Pendra. After obtaining permission from Cryptic and the players involved, I’m posting the audio for all to hear.

Hopefully, a greater degree of transparency helps.

Listen or download the conference call:

Click Here (or right-click and “save as”)


Additionally, Stormshade took time out of his busy schedule to better explain the purpose of these calls and how they are influencing the dev’s priorities and goals.  A very brief interview with Stormshade follows:

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Executive Producer Daniel Stahl posted a new engineering report, which includes a small teaser of info surrounding new updates to the Foundry. The language is fairly vague, and we don’t know what these “much requested storytelling features” are. We do know that branching dialogue and triggers have been much requested and are at the top of the devs’ priority list.

Most likely, the storytelling features relate to the devs’ Foundry Roadmap, which includes these short-term priorities:

Upcoming Foundry Feature Goals
The following features are high on the priority list for upcoming updates (most likely Q1 2011)

Improved features for playing Foundry missions
•The ability to flag missions as “favorites” so players can bookmark them for later play
•Improved searching options to allow for more specific flags and filters

Project Management improvements
•Setting prerequisite and follow-up missions that can be linked together into a story arc
•Set the level, powers, and gear for test characters to improve testing

Map editor improvements
•Better visualize placed objects in the editor using 2-D preview images
•Fully customize backdrops, assembled from various sky effects layers, atmospheric effects, sound effects and music
•Enable snap-to-grid to more easily place objects
•Place waypoints for patrol routes for actors to follow
•Place “job” nodes for actors to interact with, such as consoles

Mission Triggers (new)
•Triggers are a way to make the game play react to the player’s actions
•Show pop-up dialogs in response to a trigger
•Spawn encounters in response to a trigger
•Play music or sound effects in response to a trigger
•Set a trigger on entering a volume
•Set a trigger on killing an encounter
•Set a trigger on interacting with an object
•Set a trigger on talking with a contact

Branching dialogue (new)
•Add multiple buttons to a prompt and chain prompts based on button chosen
•Show/hide buttons based on mission state
•Alter button behavior based on mission state

Costume creator improvements
•Add in body scaling features found in the in game costume editor

Timeline editor (new)
•Change encounter behavior based on objectives in progress and triggers
•Change contact dialog text in based on objectives in progress and triggers

Plus general improvements to usability and more choices throughout the environment

Here is the specific quote from the engineering report:

In other news the Foundry continues to perform wonderfuly in Beta on the Tribble Test Server. The development team is preparing the first major feature update for the Foundry which will introduce some much requested storytelling features for mission creators. Once this update is on Tribble in February, we will begin to make plans to migrate the Foundry beta from Tribble to Holodeck so that everyone can begin to see the awesome fun that is making and playing player created content.

From the time table, it’s also likely that we won’t see the Foundry “migrate” to the Holodeck server until late February or early March. Whether this “migration” will include ugc missions is still unclear, considering the mixed signals of the devs over the past few weeks.

Stay tuned.

Hi all,

Please take a moment to browse the Reference Store page. There is a new link to this page near the top right. I tried to set this up as a useful way to incorporate our Amazon affiliate program and Foundry resources that all of you could use.

Although some of the books are a little pricey, there are some incredible deals for used copies of Star Trek reference guides and more.

For example, you can get Michael Okuda’s Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future for as low as $.09 + $3.99 shipping.

Or, a Star Trek 101 reference guide is only $.01 + shipping.

There are lots of great reference materials here that could benefit ugc authors, whether through inspiration or through simple fact checking resources. There are also some awesome guides for technobabble.

Please check out the store, and leave feedback. I would appreciate any suggested additions or changes.


I should give a shout out to LordofPit and Borysthenis for teaching me how to do this. I hope that it is helpful in showing you ways to add non-linear elements to your missions.


The new episode of Stoked has a short review of the Foundry. Please visit Jupiter Broadcasting, or watch the show here:

The Foundry review starts at about 9:55.

How to make a zombie with the Foundry. Thanks go to Leviathan99 for teaching me this during Closed Beta.

Edit: in case you have problems with the embed video, watch it on youtube.

Greetings, this is Captain Allen of the Federation star ship Andromeda here again to continue my mission to bring technical speaking to every star ship Captain in the galaxy. Last week we saw the UGC Foundry tools really only allow a Text field for the dialog of the NPC or Bridge Officer pictured and allows only a simple sentence (possibly 5 words?) for the Captain to respond, and I gave an example of using Impulse Engines as part of technobabble dialog for a simple introduction to a mission. This week we will delve more deeply into dialog relating to technology and help bridge the gap between a mission hook or complication and making the player feel like they are a part of solving it and not simply reading it.
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Disclaimer: Posts by admins and editors do not reflect “the” opinion of this website. Rebuttals are encouraged.

There has been so much confusion at the official STO forums surrounding the Foundry’s “Review Board,” which serves as QA component of the coming UGC implementation system. According to Cryptic’s current scheme for UGC, a player authored mission must pass through a review process before it becomes part of the “main game,” showing up as suggested missions from a remote contact, such as a specific Admiral who tells players, “Hey, go here, and check out this player made mission.”

As Stormshade explained, “All published community authored episodes need to be reviewed by the reviewers and given the okay before the rest of the community sees the content.”

In other words, the Review Board helps to ensure that only the best and brightest player-made missions get promoted in the game, and reviewers serve as the guardians of quality assurance, making sure that adult content and other offensive stuff doesn’t get pushed on casual players.

This setup has led some players to complain about the rise of a new “council,” reminiscent of the infamous player council idea that got shelved after weeks of community outrage. Yet, in my opinion, it is quite unlike that previous council. Instead, it is a wise compromise between two irritating extremes.

First Extreme: All player authored missions become instantly promoted by the game’s UGC remote contact. In the same way that players instantly put items on the exchange, they could also instantly put their homemade mission out there for all to see. Sure, it’s democratic, but the cons are obvious. Just as the exchange gets flooded with spam, overpriced crap, and irritating BS, so too would the UGC contact list. Unlike the exchange, however, it would be difficult for players to sort through the crap to find the goodies. Not only would this anarchic free-for-all clog the Foundry contact with missions of poor quality, but it would also mean that players of all ages and backgrounds unwittingly stumble upon offensive missions that need to be reported.

Second Extreme: An elite “council” would serve as sanctioned guardians, wedding out the bad and judging what is and is not worthy for the eyes and ears of STO players. UGC authors must submit their missions for the council’s approval, making the success of their UGC mission subject to the whims, biases, and misunderstandings of an elite group of overseers, whether they reside inside Cryptic or whether they consist of a Cryptic-approved assortment of influential players. While this system would ensure that only quality missions get promoted in the “main game,” it also reeks of tyrannical corruption, with certain fleets or popular players dominating the arena of what is and is not permissible.

Obviously, we need a middle way between these two extremes. In my opinion, Cryptic’s current outline provides an almost perfect compromise.

Edit: Some of the speculation in this post has now been corrected by Dstahl’s announcement. Anyways, read on if you want.

Here’s how it works: There is a set of approved reviewers… ALL OF YOU. Anyone, yes anyone, who wants to be part of the Review Board simply acknowledges that he or she may encounter some offensive missions and inappropriate content. It’s up to you to help play through random community authored missions, reporting what is and is not suitable for the “main game.” You also rate the quality of the mission, helping to weed out the bad from the good. Not only does it help ensure that the good rises to the top, but it also prevents offensive and adult content from being forced upon all of the players.

It’s a wonderful compromise between two extremes. On the one hand, it serves as essential quality assurance. On the other hand, it is openly democratic and pluralistic, in that everyone can participate as judge and jury.

At the same time, regardless of how a mission scores according to the Review Board, it can still be played. It can reach a mass audience. A person can post their “Orion Love Slave #23” on this blog, or create a page in the Wiki. If so inclined, you can scream at the top of your lungs, “MY MIZZION HAZ BOOBIES!” Just because that type of mission may not make it into the “main game,” becoming promoted by the remote contact, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be played. Everyone who clicks the disclaimer can search for it and play it, so long as it doesn’t get removed for violating the terms of service.

So, everyone gets at least a big chunk of what they want, unless they want to spam the system with 389 identical “Shave My Tribble” missions.

If you create a quality mission that doesn’t contain offensive content, then there is a very high chance that your mission will make it to the “main game,” earning a shout-out from a Starfleet Admiral who endorses the mission and tells players to check it out. And, after you spent so much time and effort creating the mission, it won’t get buried by “Who Moans for Morn,” and “Bolians Gone Wild.”

It is the best of both worlds. It may not please everyone completely, but it is logical, organized, and rational.

Please leave comments.

A few new bits and snipets from the devs here.   Late last night, Dan Stahl told us:

The Foundry is going into a short closed beta this week (crossing fingers)

Stormshade gave a few more details about what to expect:

Hey gang,

I just want to give you a quick heads up about The Foundry’s Closed Beta. We’re going to be keeping this closed beta test very small, and limited. It will also be very short. Our goal is to keep it as short as possible while we work very hard to incorporate the feedback from a very small focus group in order to prep The Foundry for a Tribble release for Open Beta.

So, essentially what I’m saying is, if you don’t get in to the Closed Beta, rest assured that your wait for the Open Beta should be fairly short.

Breaking News, from the new Engineering Report. Dstahl writes:

We are also happy to announce that the Foundry (our mission authoring toolset) will be moving into Beta in the next two weeks. This will be the first step in turning on authoring tools that allow players to create their own missions. At the start we’ll be focused on stability and usability with a few guinea pigs who’ve shown their value as testers on TRIBBLE.

Once we’ve verified the publishing system is functional and stable, we’ll open it up on TRIBBLE for everyone- most likely in the first half of November. We recognize that with a tool such as this, it will take some time of player interaction and feedback to iterate on the functionality of the authoring system. We expect the Foundry to stay in Beta even as we release Season 3. Even though the Foundry will remain in Beta, our goal is that everyone will be able to participate in testing these tools either on on TRIBBLE or HOLODECK as we gather your feedback and play the missions you are creating.

More details about the beta program will be posted as we get closer to opening up the system on TRIBBLE. For now I’m attaching a few screenshots I took today while editing a patrol mission I’m working on. Consider it early alpha sneak peak footage


Full Engineering Report