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Recently I released a couple missions that I’ve been working on for the past few months.  One of them “The Galaxy’s Fair” is a non-combat mission and the fact that it is non combat is stated very clearly in the description.  Doesn’t stop the second review from looking like this:

This prompted me to both rant about the specific review and create a separate thread on the forum with some suggestions on how to improve the review system.  Here it is in verbatim.

There’s been a lot of complaining about the review system, which from what I understand, has not changed since the beginning of time.

Here’s two things that I believe are both simple to implement and deals with our concerns:

  1. Default rating should be blank instead of 3 stars
  2. All ratings should be on the review list

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Short skirts, go-go boots, and Vulcans in heat… Star Trek has incorporated sex appeal and downright “T and A” into every series.  It’s probably one of the most consistent aspects of Star Trek canon.  Canon is sexy. 

Sure, it was pretty toned down for TNG, as the series became more politically correct and almost unisex.  Nevertheless, with DS9 and especially VOY and ENT, Star Trek returned to its roots, giving us voluptuous women in catsuits and shirtless male bravado.  ENT, in particular, pushed the envelope, especially with decon rubdowns and crewmembers running around the corridors of the ship in their skimpies.  ENT even brought us back full circle to the alluring women of TOS:

No doubt, some of the “sexy” in canon has become out-dated and sexist by today’s standards.  It’s difficult not to cringe when watching Kirk seduce scantily-clad android hotties.  It’s also tough to imagine Capt. Picard having his way with an indentured love slave, as Kirk did in “Bread and Circuses.”  Most likely, audiences in 2040 will cringe when watching episodes of Enterprise. 

It also seems likely that the sexiness of canon will find its way into community-authored missions.  We know it’s coming, right?  We’ll see seductive Orions, Vulcan love slaves, and “interesting” missions on Risa.  What should be seen as offensive?  What should we report?

Players will have different reactions to different missions.  Indeed, one player at the STO forums was even offended by Cryptic’s latest featured episode that took place in the TOS era.  So, no one is safe from the report button, if the mission resembles what we’ve seen on TV.  This could prove unfair, since a mission that gets reported will likely not make it to the “main game.”

Certainly, there is a both a subtle and a tasteless way to incorporate “T and A,” as done by the series over the years.  Smart and witty dialogue, like Quark’s dirty bar jokes or Jadzia Dax’s insinuating comments, probably stand a better chance of not being reported.  Most likely, there will be some players who even object to those moments.

Where do we draw the line?  When has the line been crossed?  When has a UGC author gone too far?

How do you, as a Foundry author, achieve a balance?  Or, do you plan on avoiding the “sexy” altogether?  What should Cryptic’s policy be?