To celebrate the one year anniversary, a handful of selected Foundry missions are being made available on Holodeck. The first of which is ‘The Syndicate Extraction’ by Galactrix. Rachel Garrett’s ‘The Longing’ was also visible for a short while, but was pulled. It is now available again.

Although there may be some Klingon missions, there do not appear to be any for Commander level. If someone of higher rank can confirm either way, that’ll be great.

There are two points of interest here regarding the future of Live UGC content. First, the missions were not published by their respective authors, but were published by ‘Q’, with full attribution in the description. This was most likely a necessary workaround to get them onto Holodeck.

Second, and possibly of some concern, is that ranking has been enabled for these missions. If the ranking on Tribble is any gauge, the first missions through the door will receive higher ratings and more attention due to the novelty of UGC content. By the time everyone elses’ missions are (manually) recreated on the Live servers, the missions with weeks of prior exposure will be weighted higher than those that haven’t.

This is exacerbated by some devs ranking these missions with the maximum of five stars. Although they are players too, and have the right to enjoy Foundry content as much as anyone, this could be perceived as unfair favouritism.

Conversely, the bugs from the current Foundry build appear to have made their way to Live. Mission reviews already mention the BOff pathing problems that have plagued our efforts, and have been marked down as a result. As the authors have no direct control over the Holodeck version of their missions, they are unfortunately unable to fix the problems.

So, is this a problem, or do the drawbacks cancel each other out? Please let us know your opinion in the comments.