As most STO Foundry authors know, Cryptic has been hard at work on a new MMO based on the Neverwinter setting. As part of it’s development Cryptic has greatly enhanced the Foundry and has been aggressively pushing it as part of its media campaign. Perfect World was at PAX Prime and Lead Producer Andy Velasquez gave us a quick demo of the Foundry and its integration into the game world. Over the course of the interview, Andy went over three main concepts for the Foundry; how to access UGC content, how to create it and Cryptic’s intentions to spotlight author’s work.

Finding UGC missions

On display first, was how the UGC content could be accessed. STO Foundry vets have long desired a better system to advertise their missions to the general population and they’ll be extremely pleased to know that the system has been completely revamped in Neverwinter.

There are three different ways that UGC missions can be accessed:

  • The landing page
  • Notice boards
  • NPCs

The landing page loads every time a player logs on and within the page ‘Upcoming Events’, the guild ‘Message of the Day’ and ‘Auction House Status’ are located. Foundry missions are prominently featured with a short list of missions highlighted by Cryptic. The full catalogue of UGC missions can also be accessed from this location. There are numerous ways to filter missions such as by level, rating, language etc…The mission list is similar to the catalogue in Star Trek Online, but with more detail and has the ability to group missions into Campaigns.

A more “RP” way to access UGC missions will be the job board. From here the list of UGC missions will appear in a similar way as the landing page’s mission catalogue.

Finally UGC missions may be accessed by speaking with barmaids or harper agents who provide a small selection that are appropriate for the area.

Like STO, once the UGC missions are accepted they are seamlessly integrated into the player’s mission list.

The Foundry

After showing us the ways users could find UGC missions, Andy took us through a walkthrough of how to build them. STO and prospective Neverwinter authors will be happy to know that building the mission is now much easier and user friendly. While the overall structure is the same, there are a few differences.

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