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With the triumphant return of Starbase UGC, it’s time to start posting once again!

The Foundry Roundtable, a pod- and video-cast dedicated to the Foundry for Star Trek Online, will be posting each episode as it is released. We broadcast live at at 4:30 p.m. (U.S. Pacific Time) on Saturdays. Everyone is welcome to join in our live chatroom. Episodes go up on our Youtube Channel the following week.

In our latest show, “Episode 186: Foundry Meta” we talk about new ships recently added to the Foundry, as well as the latest spotlight, the Foundry Challenge winner, the new 3-D ship printing and much more.


Also check out our tutorial series Foundational Foundry and The Discovery Roundtable, an episode by episode discussion show for Star Trek Discovery from the perspective of Foundry authors and Star Trek Online players.

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Mission name: Epohh’s Day

Author: @voporak

Faction: Fed

A simple visit to New Romulus for a holiday takes a turn for the worse when disaster strikes. However, as events start repeating themselves, you realize you’re not just trapped in catastrophe… you’re trapped in Epohh’s Day!

This Groundhog’s Day-inspired mission comes to you Star Trek style, with lots of fun, optional accolades, and a health dose of Mimey.


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Mission Name:  Imperfection

Author: @voporak

Faction: Fed

The destruction of the Borg by the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants produced tremendous amounts of information – including the mission logs of the U.S.S. Resistance, a ship lost just before the Borg invasion. As the savior of the galaxy, you have been chosen to explore the holographic recreation of the vessel’s final voyage to uncover the backstory behind the Borg’s quest for Perfection.

This mission is a collaboration between myself and Ashkrik23, the Foundry Newscat, or better known as my Frenemy. It is a prequel to Perfection, Part 1 and Part 2, designed to be played after both. Mission banner: 2.png.html

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Mission Name:The Improbable Bulk
Minimum Level: 31+
Allegiance: Federation
Estimated Mission Length: 1 hour

Moderate Ground
Moderate Space Combat
Moderate Dialogue

Jeremy Jammer is one of the foremost researchers of Bioengineering in the Federation and has been working on ways to improve the physical abilities of Starfleet’s finest. A recent breakthrough has impressed his overseer enough that Starfleet itself has been invited to get a first hand look at the results.

Unfortunately for Jammer not everything works out as he’d like which causes some …big…problems. It’ll take an intrepid crew and a trip to the Badlands before his bulky adventure is over.


Hylar – 5/5

“…What was expected to be cheesy was well written and executed, and a surprisingly good Trek fit. Brilliant.”

kortaag – 5/5

“Immensely funny with irresistable laughter the entire way!”

BorrowedTune – 5/5

“Fun and enjoyable mission. Nice maps. Amusing story. Entertaining battles. Excellent use of foundry techniques and sfx. Captain’s Log – Supplemental: Stay for the credits.”


Title: Healing Old Wounds (Ep. I)

Author:  Alenis Kendra

Faction: Federation

Level Requirement: None

There is an incoming message! A Bajoran scientist informs you that a state of emergency has been declared in Hathon. He is requesting that you leave to rendezvous with him on Bajor immediately. This mission will call for scientific, diplomatic and tactical skills, both in space and on the ground.

This mission is story oriented and is part of a series of episodes I am writing that revolve around the Bajoran people. This mission is perfect for fans of DS9, but can be enjoyed by anyone.


Also, this episode was reviewed by Hippiejohn in the last episode of The Foundry Roundtable, which you can view here!


A note from the author, Alenis Kendra:

Hi all!

I am fairly new to the STO community. Earlier last year, after only a few weeks of playing, I was seriously disappointed with the lack of Bajoran related content for low leveled players. In fact, I was discouraged enough to almost lose interest in the game. Then, I discovered The Foundry. It was like a whole new world had opened up to me! The vast potential for storytelling made me drool with anticipation! I hammered off my first version of this mission, not having a CLUE what I was doing. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t very good.

Thankfully, instead of just writing me off, other Foundry authors made some very helpful suggestions. And now, after many more months of writing, tweaking things, and driving everyone on Starbase UGC’s chat completely bonkers, I have successfully re-released my mission!

So, I’d like to send a special thank you out into the galaxy to everyone who helped me, both on the STO Forums and here on Starbase UGC! In addition, I want to thank Kirkfat and Bazag for their fantastic video tutorials.


Healing Old Wounds

Recently I released a couple missions that I’ve been working on for the past few months.  One of them “The Galaxy’s Fair” is a non-combat mission and the fact that it is non combat is stated very clearly in the description.  Doesn’t stop the second review from looking like this:

This prompted me to both rant about the specific review and create a separate thread on the forum with some suggestions on how to improve the review system.  Here it is in verbatim.

There’s been a lot of complaining about the review system, which from what I understand, has not changed since the beginning of time.

Here’s two things that I believe are both simple to implement and deals with our concerns:

  1. Default rating should be blank instead of 3 stars
  2. All ratings should be on the review list

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As most STO Foundry authors know, Cryptic has been hard at work on a new MMO based on the Neverwinter setting. As part of it’s development Cryptic has greatly enhanced the Foundry and has been aggressively pushing it as part of its media campaign. Perfect World was at PAX Prime and Lead Producer Andy Velasquez gave us a quick demo of the Foundry and its integration into the game world. Over the course of the interview, Andy went over three main concepts for the Foundry; how to access UGC content, how to create it and Cryptic’s intentions to spotlight author’s work.

Finding UGC missions

On display first, was how the UGC content could be accessed. STO Foundry vets have long desired a better system to advertise their missions to the general population and they’ll be extremely pleased to know that the system has been completely revamped in Neverwinter.

There are three different ways that UGC missions can be accessed:

  • The landing page
  • Notice boards
  • NPCs

The landing page loads every time a player logs on and within the page ‘Upcoming Events’, the guild ‘Message of the Day’ and ‘Auction House Status’ are located. Foundry missions are prominently featured with a short list of missions highlighted by Cryptic. The full catalogue of UGC missions can also be accessed from this location. There are numerous ways to filter missions such as by level, rating, language etc…The mission list is similar to the catalogue in Star Trek Online, but with more detail and has the ability to group missions into Campaigns.

A more “RP” way to access UGC missions will be the job board. From here the list of UGC missions will appear in a similar way as the landing page’s mission catalogue.

Finally UGC missions may be accessed by speaking with barmaids or harper agents who provide a small selection that are appropriate for the area.

Like STO, once the UGC missions are accepted they are seamlessly integrated into the player’s mission list.

The Foundry

After showing us the ways users could find UGC missions, Andy took us through a walkthrough of how to build them. STO and prospective Neverwinter authors will be happy to know that building the mission is now much easier and user friendly. While the overall structure is the same, there are a few differences.

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Here are the entries in Challenge #3

Mission Title: A Few Hollow Men
Player @Handle: @SBSouto
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 16+
Mission Summary: Starfleet chooses you and a few other Captains to test out a new holodeck officer training technology. When your fellow Captains begin to die in training, you seek for the truth- but perhaps you can’t handle the truth.

Mission Title: A New Breed of Warrior
Player @Handle: @Soriedem
Faction: Klingon
Level Requirement: Any
Mission Summary: A secret research facility experimenting with stolen Federation technology has missed their scheduled status report. You’ve been dispatched to investigate.

Mission Title: Going Viral
Player @Handle: @Pi-3Orionis
Faction: Klingon
Level Requirement: 35+
Mission Summary: It was intended to be the perfect weapon against the Federation… a spy with impenetrable cover, turning one of the Federation’s most prized technologies against them, depriving the weak of their crutches and forcing Starfleet to fight and die on the fields of battle as Klingons do. But now it has been unleashed within Klingon borders, and Empire is facing a threat to its very identity on a scale which has only been faced once before in the distant past, one which almost destroyed the very essence of what it means to be a Klingon warrior! The only thing standing between the Klingon soul and a fate worse than death, is you. Can you unravel the secret code of the weapon, before it unravels you?

Mission Title: Three Degrees of Separation
Player @Handle: @ woghd
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: Any
Mission Summary: Every night the old professor excuses his staff and locks himself into the new streamlined, Binar-upgraded holodeck, and every morning he emerges…except for today. He didn’t come out. What is the old professor doing in there?

Mission Title: A Holo Peace
Player @Handle: @Gingie
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 46+
Mission Summary: You have been called to attend a summit on Outpost 39384, a secret Applied Theoretical Photonics lab. There, representatives from both the Federation and the Klingon High Council are discussing a separate peace with the Hirogen, led by Alpha Turock. But sabotage traps you and the other representatives in an endless series of deadly holographic challenges. Can you survive?

Mission Title: The Legacy of Men
Player @Handle: @rickysmith1
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 35+
Mission Summary: Your first day off in months hasn’t even started when Starfleet receives a disturbing distress call from the newly constructed Jupiter Station 2. Within the Transmission only three words were made out from the horrific screaming; “We are free”. Your mission is to find out what is happening on Earth’s door step, investigate, assist and report. You have been given special clearance on this occasion to access all area’s including the Intelligence and Military Applications Department where it is believed the transmission originated. Good luck Captain.

Mission Title: Ultopia: 3 Questions
Player @Handle: @Drazur_Southclaw
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 31+
Mission Summary: You have been ordered to investigate a bizarre message which Starfleet HQ has received. While the message itself was untraceable, it included a set of coordinates that point towards the Kei system. The message reads as follows: You are cordially invited to experience Ultopia – the perfect society – a place where crime is considered an academic curiousity. A place where evil does not exist. A place where death itself is unheard of. “Welcome to Ultopia – the very essence of Perfection Itself.”

Mission Title: The 14th Rule of Acquisition
Player @Handle: @Maziken
Faction: Klingon
Level Requirement: 16+
Mission Summary: The Empire has recently come into possession of Romulan holographic technology. Can you assist with the research and development of this technology so that the Empire has a decisive advantage over their enemies?

Mission Title: The Zypex Intrusion
Player @Handle: @Klintobean
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 31+
Mission Summary: Starfleet Command has diverted you from your current mission to investigate a presumed attack on their state-of-the-art and top secret Holographic Research Facility located on the remote icy planet of Thelius. You must gain access to the facility built into the treacherous cliffs of rock and ice to descend deeper into the mystery of who attacked the facility and why. What are the secrets behind this holographic technology? Will Starfleet send you reinforcements in time to save you from…THE ZYPEX INTRUSION? Or perhaps you have another “Protector” in your midst.

Mission Title: One Too Many
Player @Handle: @XR-377
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 41+
Mission Summary: The daughter of “Reg” Barclay is working on Earth Space Dock tracking down a system’s bug in the Station’s Network. But, as can be expected, she has a problem one too many…

Mission Title: Figments of the Imagination
Player @Handle: @Commander_Charvanek
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: 46+
Mission Summary: A former Romulan scientist is willing to share some new holographic technology that she says will be helpful in countering the Undine threat. Starfleet wants you to rendezvous with a photonic studies specialist to evaluate her findings.

The recent release of “The 2800” has given us new content. It also gave us revised Dominion mobs. And that is great. I loved the holodeck fight with the Changeling.

But because all Dominion mobs have been revised, that means they’re revised in our Foundry missions as well. Most significantly, Changelings are no longer a part of any Dominion Captain level mobs. If you have any missions whose story assumes a fight with a Changeling (and hasn’t been revised), your mission now has a plot hole.

As of now, there are no fightable Changelings in the Foundry. (Strictly speaking, there are Founders in the Foundry as contacts, and they can be created in the editor. But, as far as this post’s title goes, it’s close enough.) Your only choice is to reskin another enemy and just have players accept that this Changeling is a very good sport who fights the solids like a solid.

I hope that they add the Changeling boss into the Foundry soon. For that matter, I’d love for them to add back at least one version of the old style of Changeling Captain, so that one could put in an easier/different style of Changeling fight. But I could see why Cryptic wouldn’t want the inconsistency.

Personally, I don’t think this is a time for outrage. It is another time to remember that changes to the game affect our missions. And we must adapt (as well as politely urge Cryptic to give us additional tools to help us adapt and to mitigate problems, when they can). So Founders who use Founders in the Foundry: check your missions.

The Longing (Remastered)

After a week of testing and crowd sourced spell-checking, I re-release the classic Foundry Spotlight mission “The Longing”. I’m humbled by the feedback and reviews the original mission received. So, those of you who know the original mission will notice some enhancements and changes. These are based on what I personally liked and disliked about the mission, but also the reviews by PodcastUGC, PriorityOne, and player comments.

Here comes the trailer:


  • Vimeo (logged in members can download video)
  • YouTube (provides 1080p version)

Mission outline:

  • Duration: ca. 45-60 min
  • Language: English
  • Gameplay:
    • Dialog: 40%
    • Combat: 30%
    • Puzzles: 20%
    • Optional/exploration: 10%
  • Level: 41+
  • Start: Noro System, Gamma Orionis Sector Block
  • Critters: Borg (ground & space)

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From the Sept 2011 Ask Cryptic:


Q: OldLordSkull: What are your immediate/short-term plans for the Foundry? Us authors would love more assets, triggers, cut-scene tech and more, but we’ve seen nothing for a long time.

A: Because the Foundry is a cross project tool that will appear in multiple Cryptic Games, the development team that manages the Foundry features are currently working on features for Neverwinter. That said, in order to bring over all of the new features and updates they are adding to the tool, we need to synch up our code between our projects in order to take advantage. We expect to do this sort of big merge again after F2P launches. In the short term, one of the things the STO team can do is hook up new social zones for Foundry access

Enormous flying creatures, cave-dwelling serpent-monsters, and fortified cities of people on the Moon… these were the imaginative speculations of Johannes Kepler in the early seventeenth century, when he penned the scientific and literary contents of the Somnium, his “dream” of a trip from the Earth to the Moon.

Arguably, the Somnium can be called the first work of science fiction, because it daringly mixed astronomical theories of the day with speculative fantasies of spaceflight and another populated world (the Moon).  Even today, it is difficult to tell what is fiction and what is science in the pages of the Somnium.

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Cryptic’s Neverwinter website has received an update to go alongside the announcement made at E3.  Part of the update reveals, unsurprisingly, that The Foundry will be an integral part of the game.  That’s what we already knew.

What we didn’t know is the interior map editor seems to have received an upgrade – the thumbnail appears to indicate specific exit and entry points along corridors.  Which suggests we’ll be able to create our own interior maps instead of relying on prefabs.  If anyone has any other interpretation, of course, feel free to mention it in the comments!

Regardless, let’s hope this update makes its way over to STO soon.

Links: Foundry | Foundry FAQ

Hello there all, this is Dionsol. I ran a walkthrough of Altexist mission Tipping Point. I thought I’d pass along the Youtube links for your viewing enjoyment

This is part 1 Of  4:

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Well, Now that we have the definitive word (NO! & NO NEVER!, & NO HELP AT ALL for YOU, but Thanx for the Testing) from the Cryptic Mouth-Piece regarding any kind of help in moving any type of content from Tribble to Holodeck when the Foundry goes live, Any interest in Mission work on Tribble has basically evaporated except for a hard-core base of users and those trying to get a handle on learning the tool-set.

While this was the Predictable Outcome from the Havraha Gambit, It presents Cryptic with an even worse scenario… Not only do they have to fix the Existing Bugs (good luck with that), but the newest additions that the Dev’s claim are coming that have yet to be tested.

There remains a very large chunk of objects, maps and functions that are currently missing from the current Foundry Build. There are also a great many functions not working properly. We are missing tons of dialogue contacts, costume options, interior ship maps and set pieces and various other things.

The problem the Dev’s seem to be encountering is download bandwidth and file sizes. It costs them a chunk of change to send out such a large amount of data and someone does not want to spend the $$$$$$. Many STO Users also have to pay for large amounts of Data and the costs can be a source of rage, frustration or just not possible for many people world-wide.

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Still no sight of The Foundry’s long awaited return to Tribble, let alone Holodeck. However, dstahl has revealed a new schedule:

We ALMOST had the Foundry back on TRIBBLE around 5pm, but found a publishing bug that postponed the switch until we can get a fix. My best ETA right now is sometime early next week it’ll be back on TRIBBLE.

The team is reaeaaallly itching to get this on HOLODECK soon – so I wouldn’t be suprised if there was a huge bug bash and we hit it out of the part sometime shortly after the Romulan Feature Series ends in March.


Boom tomorrow. There’s always a boom tomorrow.

The big push towards a newer, better, Foundry begins in earnest on February 14th, but this will require at least a week of downtime. Salami_Inferno explains:

Hello Loyal Tribble Users!

On Monday February 14th we’re going to push a new build to Tribble. This build will be the very first step towards getting triggers, branching dialogue, and copy/paste into the foundry!

Unfortunately, the preparation will require a week or more of Foundry downtime.

What does this mean?

  • Starting Monday you will no longer be able to create or publish missions on Tribble for at least a week as we shake out the bugs
  • You will still be able to search and play missions that were published prior to the Monday
  • Your missions are safe and will not be deleted by this update
  • If you have access to red shirt closed beta shard the latest updates are already up there and available to test


Additionally, a few tweaks have been made to the Holodeck Foundry missions to resolve pathing issues. Stormshade keeps us up to date:

Hey folks,

A quick update: Last night the update went live with the fix for the pathing issues, and all 4 of these awesome missions have been republished! Pathing issues in these missions should now be resolved.




So if you were planning on getting some Foundry time in over the next week, now’s the time to beg, plead or blackmail your way to a coveted Red Shirt.

Or you could take the opportunity to make frivolous romantic gestures to your loved ones… Nah… Who am I kidding? 😉

Only one Foundry related dev post to report upon today. StormShade brought us up to date on a few outstanding issues relating to the recent Foundry spotlight:

Hey gang,

I’ve got two update for you all on these missions:

1) We know why some of them have been disappearing, and are working to resolve this now. It should be happening much less frequently already.

2) Regarding the pathing issues reported: We have a fix coming for this as well. It should make it in next week, and once that’s done, we’ll do a quick republish of the missions which should squash those for good.




Additionally, the last few days have seen more direct interaction between the devs and a hand-picked group of Foundry enthusiasts.

Cryptic COO Jackalope, along with dstahl and Stormshade, have taken time out of their busy schedule to participate in a pair of conference calls with these players. The players were asked for their advice and feedback regarding the current direction of the Foundry, and which issues need to be tackled as a priority.

Initial reports appear positive, as there seems to be synergy between what the selected players want and what the devs are working on. StormShade was taking minutes at the first conference, and presumably will be at the second. I am sure we will see these minutes published as soon as possible, for the greater community’s benefit.

In the meantime, a discussion about the conference calls has been posted by the participants on the Official Forums. This would be worth reading further, as a few choice nuggets of information have already been released – most notably that the Foundry Spotlight is intended to be a weekly event.

The discussion thread is at:, but please let us know what you think below.

The last 24 hours have seen lots of interesting Foundry-related announcements from Cryptic. First, as we are mildly aware, the first batch of Spotlight Missions have been announced on the website, featuring some excellent testimonials from the authors.

The first four missions are:

  • The Longing, by Rachel Garrett (Federation)
  • Crouching Ty’Gokor Hidden Demon, by Captain Revo (Klingon)
  • The Syndicate Extraction, by Galactrix (Federation)
  • Unholy Alliances, Part I, by soriedem (Federation)

And there’ll be more spotlights in the future:

Periodically, we’ll Spotlight more player-designed missions. Be sure to check back to this page to see what your fellow community members have been creating!


Read on for more dev quotes about these particular choices.
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To celebrate the one year anniversary, a handful of selected Foundry missions are being made available on Holodeck. The first of which is ‘The Syndicate Extraction’ by Galactrix. Rachel Garrett’s ‘The Longing’ was also visible for a short while, but was pulled. It is now available again.

Although there may be some Klingon missions, there do not appear to be any for Commander level. If someone of higher rank can confirm either way, that’ll be great.

There are two points of interest here regarding the future of Live UGC content. First, the missions were not published by their respective authors, but were published by ‘Q’, with full attribution in the description. This was most likely a necessary workaround to get them onto Holodeck.

Second, and possibly of some concern, is that ranking has been enabled for these missions. If the ranking on Tribble is any gauge, the first missions through the door will receive higher ratings and more attention due to the novelty of UGC content. By the time everyone elses’ missions are (manually) recreated on the Live servers, the missions with weeks of prior exposure will be weighted higher than those that haven’t.

This is exacerbated by some devs ranking these missions with the maximum of five stars. Although they are players too, and have the right to enjoy Foundry content as much as anyone, this could be perceived as unfair favouritism.

Conversely, the bugs from the current Foundry build appear to have made their way to Live. Mission reviews already mention the BOff pathing problems that have plagued our efforts, and have been marked down as a result. As the authors have no direct control over the Holodeck version of their missions, they are unfortunately unable to fix the problems.

So, is this a problem, or do the drawbacks cancel each other out? Please let us know your opinion in the comments.