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Hello, STO Community! My name is Alenis Kendra and I am one of the newer members of the STO universe.

While populating a ground map in the Foundry recently, I realized that my population was lacking any children. Seeing I was attempting to create the feel of a poverty-stricken refugee camp, I felt that a few scurrying urchins would add a level of authenticity.

Thanks to some very helpful tips from the Foundry Chat regulars, I was able to create a reasonable facsimile of Cardassian children as custom costumes. I’d like to share what I learned with you all, in the hopes that it might help some other newbie along the way.

First, in order to create a prepubescent character, you want to start with a male alien template.


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Hi all,

Sorry the video quality is pretty rough on this one.  I had the fps set wrong, and I was too lazy to redo the whole thing.  I hope that it doesn’t make you too motion sick, lol. Fun with costumes and new features!


For all your deviant fantasies on the holodeck, here is part 6 of triggers.  Enjoy!

Please note: Wander doesn’t work until after the mission is published. 

I hope this helps a few authors out there.  I don’t think that I have a solid grasp of wander, but hopefully I got the basics right.  I suspect that I’m not alone in my frustrations with this feature.

Here a link to that stickied thread:

More tutorials available at Wiki UGC.

Well, I had a few technical issues making this one.  Sorry for the quality issues.  It gets much better near the end, when things get complicated.  Anyways, I hope that it helps you.

Thanks to Pendra at the STO forums for teaching me how to do this.  It’s a pretty simple trick, so I’ll just tell you about it, rather than recording a video about it. 

On interior maps, you can use “Building Block Platform #3” to cover the map screen, thus creating a “fog of war” effect where the enemies and other stuff are hidden from the map screen.  This also affects the minimap, although enemies still show as red dots.

The trick: Put the platforms in the ceiling.  If they are too high, the map will show, and if they are too low, the player might see them poking down through the ceiling. 

To replicate the above screenshot:

Map: Forging

Set Y coordinates of 3 platforms to 40, and use them to cover the map.

Thanks again to Pendra for sharing that with me at the STO forums.  I hope that it is useful to many of you out there.