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Hello, STO Community! My name is Alenis Kendra and I am one of the newer members of the STO universe.

While populating a ground map in the Foundry recently, I realized that my population was lacking any children. Seeing I was attempting to create the feel of a poverty-stricken refugee camp, I felt that a few scurrying urchins would add a level of authenticity.

Thanks to some very helpful tips from the Foundry Chat regulars, I was able to create a reasonable facsimile of Cardassian children as custom costumes. I’d like to share what I learned with you all, in the hopes that it might help some other newbie along the way.

First, in order to create a prepubescent character, you want to start with a male alien template.


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A big thanks to Havraha for making the new intro to the tutorials.  He inspired me to up the production qualities, and I hope that it is appreciated.

This half-hour video is meant to help bring in new authors and reduce the learning curve substantially.  Please, please give feedback, even if you’re a seasoned author who knows the ins and outs of the toolset.  I’m hoping that a few of these very condensed tutorials will go a long way in helping our community to grow.

Introduction to the Foundry, Part 1:

Pretty simple, but it’s neat.  Enjoy!

Note of clarification: All 5 invis walls in space are set to disappear, not just the four that I mention.

A special thanks to LordOfPit and Leviathan99 for brainstorming what could be done here.  It’s kind of a crazy workaround, and you have to trust your mission to the intelligence of npcs, lol.  But, it seems pretty reliable.

How to use mobs of npcs for trigger timers:

Sorry again for the choppy video, but it gets better in the editor.  I hope it’s helpful.  More cool tricks with triggers.

Note: One thing that I didn’t mention is that if you just want to use one ship from the npc group, you can put the others on other parts of the map.  This is something that I really should have done with the Borg cube.

Thanks again to Highbone (Bootsy) for teaching me how to do this. I hope that it helps people, and sorry that I screw up geometrical terms, lol. Hopefully, you understand what I’m trying to say, lol.

Please leave comments, if you can think of other uses for this trick. Thanks!

Edit: the distance between the actor and the pushpin is about 300, if that helps to recreate. Also, I couldn’t get this to work on the Y, so you might stick to X and Z, or make sure that your npcs are all level with the pushpin).

Thanks again to LordofPit for sharing this trick with us. I hope that the video tutorial helps others to realize the story-telling possibilities of this awesome workaround.

Multiple Dialogues (the cheat):

Not a very advanced tutorial, but I hope that it helps people who are experimenting with the Foundry:

I’m not sure why this came out so dark. Hopefully, it is still somewhat useful to people, even though it’s almost unwatchable.


How to make a zombie with the Foundry. Thanks go to Leviathan99 for teaching me this during Closed Beta.

Edit: in case you have problems with the embed video, watch it on youtube.

As seen in the screenshots, the Foundry will require that UGC authors understand how to place objects in 3d space using the X, Y, and Z coordinates. So, for those of you who have never dabbled in this stuff, I created this video tutorial. I may not use the correct terminology, but I try to use common sense.

If you find this helpful, then I can make more on using X, Y, and Z scales, along with rotating the objects using X, Y, and Z.