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As of now sharing maps is not available, however it is very easy to share the costumes you create in the tailor. I am making this post with the hopes of starting a costume sharing library here on Starbase UGC. The database can contain custom uniforms, characters alien races, greenskinned cat people, you name it. Just upload your jpeg files found in the game’s screenshot file and you are good to go.

My contributions:

Admiral Quinn.

Capt. Kurland of DS9:


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You may have seen the new “Star Trek Online Demo Launcher”, a tool, that allows you to handle demo files without touching the command line. There have been a lot of changes, since i first presented it here three weeks ago.

This weekend, I had some time to further tweek the demo launcher. Thanks to the input form the guys from STOked and the knowledgeable comments from JohoCrol, I’ve managed to include some exciting new features. Currently, the StoDemoLauncher is at version 2.2, and evolving rapidly.

The tool has a shiny new home at sourceforge, thanks to CaptNeo, who copied over the project from the one-click filehoster and setup a proper open source project there. In this article, I’ll talk a bit about the new features in the “Star Trek Online Demo Launcher”, give a short tutorial how to manage your demo files, and talk a bit about the next baby steps.

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