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The recent release of “The 2800” has given us new content. It also gave us revised Dominion mobs. And that is great. I loved the holodeck fight with the Changeling.

But because all Dominion mobs have been revised, that means they’re revised in our Foundry missions as well. Most significantly, Changelings are no longer a part of any Dominion Captain level mobs. If you have any missions whose story assumes a fight with a Changeling (and hasn’t been revised), your mission now has a plot hole.

As of now, there are no fightable Changelings in the Foundry. (Strictly speaking, there are Founders in the Foundry as contacts, and they can be created in the editor. But, as far as this post’s title goes, it’s close enough.) Your only choice is to reskin another enemy and just have players accept that this Changeling is a very good sport who fights the solids like a solid.

I hope that they add the Changeling boss into the Foundry soon. For that matter, I’d love for them to add back at least one version of the old style of Changeling Captain, so that one could put in an easier/different style of Changeling fight. But I could see why Cryptic wouldn’t want the inconsistency.

Personally, I don’t think this is a time for outrage. It is another time to remember that changes to the game affect our missions. And we must adapt (as well as politely urge Cryptic to give us additional tools to help us adapt and to mitigate problems, when they can). So Founders who use Founders in the Foundry: check your missions.

Hi everyone, I have created the first two of a three part story mission focusing on a New Dominion War. The premise is that a group of Changelings that are not affiliated with the Founders from the first Dominion war are attacking the Federation for reasons that are made clear at the end of the first part. The story begins with a Dominion task force attacking DS9. You have to help defend the station and are then ordered to go to Orias and confront the Founders where you find out more. This is a pretty short mission and the end of the first part. It’s to set up what’s going on.

In the second part, you locate a secret New Dominion base and assault it looking for information that will lead you to the Headquarters of The New Dominion. The first two missions have already been published and I would very much appreciate any constructive advice you would like to offer. Please bear in mind that I am completely new to using these tools and the missions show it.

The first mission (The 100) I made my first place marker way too small, so you pretty much have to fly through the docking rings of DS9 to get the prompt to beam down after the initial space battle. When you first beam in, you are immediately thrown into a firefight that’s already going on between station personnel and Dominion forces.. It may be a bit too confusing.

The second mission (The Base) is pretty strait forward standard mission. You enter the system containing the secret base, destroy three enemy patrols and beam down to the base, defeat the enemy squads and access the data you came for. The main problem I ran into here is the common Foundry pathing issues. The first enemy squad and the second one in the first hallway are ok. Then you come to a doorway that leads to the large central chamber of the base. I found after publishing that I had to go back and collect my away team because they didn’t seem to know where the doorway was and were stuck against the wall. This may be due to my enemy placement in the central room and the foundry bug that lets you shoot through walls. I may need to re-think my enemy placement to correct this. Again, any advice would be appreciated.

I really want to thank Kirkfat for his incredibly helpful video tutorials! I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish even this much if not for those videos. Before I started watching them I read several descriptions of how to do this stuff, but I just didn’t understand it. The way he simplifies complex things in his walkthroughs really helps… so thanks Kirkfat!

So, thanks to anyone that takes the time and effort to give these a run through!

The New Dominion War Pt1 The 100 ST-TNR2EXYPK
The New Dominion War Pt2 The Base ST-TG25J8F85
The New Dominion War Pt3 Coming when I think I’m ready to do a good job!