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Tag: Combat

Mission Name:  Imperfection

Author: @voporak

Faction: Fed

The destruction of the Borg by the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants produced tremendous amounts of information – including the mission logs of the U.S.S. Resistance, a ship lost just before the Borg invasion. As the savior of the galaxy, you have been chosen to explore the holographic recreation of the vessel’s final voyage to uncover the backstory behind the Borg’s quest for Perfection.

This mission is a collaboration between myself and Ashkrik23, the Foundry Newscat, or better known as my Frenemy. It is a prequel to Perfection, Part 1 and Part 2, designed to be played after both. Mission banner: 2.png.html

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Any Level

Councilman Cha’lak has a mission for you based on your experiences on Nopada. The Empire’s Sensor Specialists have gone over your records from that day with a fine tooth comb, and they have spotted something. He won’t tell you what it is, until you’re on your way. However, he did say that it’s something they had lost. What could it be? The Mission begins on H’atoria in Pi Canis Sector Block.

This is an entry into Foundry Challenge #5. Please feel free to play it and don’t forget to vote.