The recent release of “The 2800” has given us new content. It also gave us revised Dominion mobs. And that is great. I loved the holodeck fight with the Changeling.

But because all Dominion mobs have been revised, that means they’re revised in our Foundry missions as well. Most significantly, Changelings are no longer a part of any Dominion Captain level mobs. If you have any missions whose story assumes a fight with a Changeling (and hasn’t been revised), your mission now has a plot hole.

As of now, there are no fightable Changelings in the Foundry. (Strictly speaking, there are Founders in the Foundry as contacts, and they can be created in the editor. But, as far as this post’s title goes, it’s close enough.) Your only choice is to reskin another enemy and just have players accept that this Changeling is a very good sport who fights the solids like a solid.

I hope that they add the Changeling boss into the Foundry soon. For that matter, I’d love for them to add back at least one version of the old style of Changeling Captain, so that one could put in an easier/different style of Changeling fight. But I could see why Cryptic wouldn’t want the inconsistency.

Personally, I don’t think this is a time for outrage. It is another time to remember that changes to the game affect our missions. And we must adapt (as well as politely urge Cryptic to give us additional tools to help us adapt and to mitigate problems, when they can). So Founders who use Founders in the Foundry: check your missions.