This page refers only to the “Foundry Ads” of author missions that appear at the top and bottoms of  every page/post.  The following does not pertain to the content of individual blog posts and wiki pages.


In addition to promoting your missions in blog posts and on Wiki UGC, you can add your mission banners to appear at the top or bottom of pages and posts by sending us your banners.

The criteria for the banners:

  • Max 600 wide by 150 high, jpg format please.  Keep image sizes reasonable (a few hundred kb at most)
  • We reserve the right to reject banners that are very poor quality.

Other considerations:

While it is completely optional and not necessary, you might consider donating $1 to support the site.  Authors will not get special treatment for doing so.  This doesn’t affect whether or not we show your banner.  We only ask you to consider this, because we’ve replaced most of the adsense well-paying ads with non-paying foundry ads.  So, it would be appreciated if a few of you out there decided to donate a dollar or two.

Or, you could add a sbugc sig to your STO forums account.

Again, both of these things are optional.

Send your banners to