Starbase UGC has been working with STOWiki to enable you to make wiki pages for your Foundry missions. STOWiki has set up a new Foundry namespace and portal where you can document your missions and user created content.

This would be a good place for you to put up information about your missions and maybe even background info on your stories, plots and characters. These are still early days, and we’re all still working on the guidelines and functionality. We’re inviting all Foundry authors to start using the STOwiki Foundry Portal and give suggestions and feedback.

Some guidelines to follow…

For full guidelines and rules about putting UGC content on STOwiki, click here.

Here are some tips:

1. Bear in mind that STOwiki is one of the prime sites people go to looking for canon information about the game. You are NOT allowed to put up content about your Foundry missions in the main part of the wiki where the canon info exists. UGC content has been given its own section which you can access here:

STOwiki Foundry Portal

2. You can create wiki pages for your Foundry missions. There’s a box on the Foundry portal page where you can create a new page for a mission that does not exist on the wiki. Mission pages must follow the following naming rules – “Foundry: Mission Name (Project ID)”, so for The Longing by RachelGarrett, the page is named “Foundry:The_Longing_(ST-HS8U72BBD)” – you can use spaces in the name, they are automatically converted to underscores.

3. There’s a template you have to use for your Foundry mission wiki page. The formatting guide and template for you to copy and paste can be found here:

4. At the start of the template, there’s a section called {{ugcinfo}}. Fill in the blanks and your mission will be automatically categorized as either a Federation or Klingon mission. It will then also automatically appear in the “List of Missions” page – you don’t have to add it there manually.

5. A good example mission page is one I made for “The Syndicate Extraction“. You can click “View Source” to see how it’s set up and follow the same layout.

6. You can upload images such as screenshots of your mission and character portraits – all images MUST start with “Foundry-” at the start of the filename.

7. You can create wiki pages for content that is related to your mission as subpages of the mission page. For example, a character profile page exists for Ensign Helna – which is a subpage of “To Helna and Back”. To set up a subpage use the {{ugc}} linking template.
For example: on “To Helna and Back”, a link was typed like this on the page {{ugc|Helna|Ensign Helna}}. It automatically created a subpage – “” and the link appears on the mission page as “Ensign Helna”.

8. Remember you can also set up a User page for yourself. Type {{myugclist}} or {{myugctable}} somewhere on your user page and it will automatically generate links to your Foundry mission wiki pages or a table of links.

That should hopefully be enough info for you to get started. If you have questions or feedback, you can ask and discuss it on the STOwiki Foundry Portal Discussion Page. On that page, to indent your comment use colons “:”. And to automatically sign it with your username and time of posting, type four tildes “~~~~”.