Greetings fellow UGC authors and players. I’m back with another tutorial inspired by a conversation on the official forums! How to give the player a choice of what “deck” on their ship/starbase to go to, to the exclusion of the other “deck”, without doing a map transition. I made this to show a player there how he could implement that particular idea, but also for anyone wanting to know how to give players the choice of two or more paths to go down in a map.

I’m sure a lot of our experienced authors will know this one, but this is more geared towards those folks who continually ask about branching or optional objectives. Basically ways to give the player some choice.

Sorry about the length, but I wanted to show the process start to finish. It’s in two parts. Also sorry if there’s breathing noise or other audio clutter, I’m not a professional voiceover artist in any way.

Here is part one, part two will be after the break:

One thing I didn’t address was whether the person who asked the question wanted the player to be able to go to the other “deck” after they do the first one, but I think there’s an easy way. Where I have the closed doors spawning, cutting you off from the other deck, you could spawn a turbolift, then when the player interacts with the turbolift, it disappears, more walls appear around you and poof, you’re on the other deck. You just have to make sure it works just as well if you run it in reverse.

Edited 4/28: Changed opening line to avoid confusion. I didn’t “rip” this from the forums as I had originally said (I was trying to turn a clever phrase), I made the tutorial video because I was inspired by a conversation there and was reposting it here for more folks to see.