Hi everybody.  It’s that time again.  I’ve been slaving away to put together another tutorial for you. We explore how to transform the Demo File we have been editing into a Foundry Mission Trailer.  We take a closer look at Rachel Garret’s STO Demo Launcher tool, Virtual Dub with the Xvid Codec, and Windows 7 Live Movie Maker.  I hope you enjoy it.

RachelGarret’s STO Demo Launcher

Virtual Dub

Xvid Codec

Windows 7 Live Movie Maker

Some remarks/corrections:
– You cannot render at a resolution that does not fit on your screen. The sto client will shrink down the window to fit your desktop.
– I think, you are confusing 33ms (time between screen shots) and 30.0 fps (frame rate). STO always records a screen shot every 33.33ms, that makes 30.0 frames per second (30^(-1) = 0.03333…). So you should always set the frame rate in VirtualDub to 30.0 fps, instead of 33.